Down With Dining Out!

Okay, not really.

A month and a half ago, our beautiful new dining table was delivered to our house. This one, actually:

Pretty, isn’t it? Makes it heard to believe we had only sat down to it to eat twice before we signed up for Weight Watchers last week. We had a million excuses for all of the eating out we did before. Firstly, with just the two of us, it was often too much bother to prepare a meal. Then, I started working full-time. Not just full-time, I was immediately put in an overtime situation. Overtime fattens more than just your pocket-book.

At first it was nice. I never had to do dishes, I never had to cook, we got waited on and had time to just talk (over the noise of the restaurant, of course). If we lived in a larger city, we might have been able to go on that way for a lot longer time. But we live in a town that is only called a city officially. Our choices are limited and everything becomes old and unappealing before too long. I actually found myself missing my cooking and I think Jason did too. Even so, it was still “easier” to go out or pick something up on the way home.

Our new lifestyle choice became the perfect opportunity to break away from that cycle. Besides helping on the weight front, we’re going to save a ton of money. For some people switching to eating healthy food can be a stretch financially, or it is at least perceived that way. For Jason and I, we will literally save hundreds a month, even after paying for our WW monthly passes.

But the impact is deeper, more profound than weight or money can show. It is so refreshing to spend that time at home, to eat at our own table and not a commercial one. It’s wonderful to feel more connected to my family and my home. I watched the sunrise this morning at breakfast while my dog wandered around the back yard. I watched the wind moving the trees at lunch and enjoyed the silence and peace in the middle of a hectic day at work. Tonight Jason and I will have the time and peace we need to relax at the end of a long day.

Does this mean that we won’t eat out anymore? No. We can still make good choices while we’re out and plan on enjoying lunch tomorrow, but it does mean that we won’t eat out nearly as much anymore.

P.S. Tomorrow is our first week weigh-in, so stayed tuned!


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  2. Psynister
    Oct 06, 2010 @ 14:28:32

    It was a little odd that we had that table sitting there and had specifically gone and picked it out and purchased it after drooling over it at the store, and then…left it sitting there unused.

    In some ways there’s kind of a “ooooh, shiny new table, NO TOUCHY!” aspect to it because it’s so much better than any table I’ve ever had before, so it’s almost like it’s some sacred piece of art or something that’s not to be messed with.

    Sitting at the kitchen table had never been a tradition in my home growing up though, you ate on the couch or on the floor instead. The only exception was holidays and even then only because we went to other people’s houses to do it and we didn’t want to get the floors or furniture dirty if we spilled something. So it still feels a little weird to me even though for the most part I do actually enjoy it.


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