We’ve LOST Our Dog!

Three and a half years ago, we saved our Daisey from being put down at the local Humane Society. We had been talking about getting a dog (our first pet as a married couple) for a while before I went looking for one. Jason’s grandmother was looking for a dog at the time, so I tagged along to help her and get an idea of what dogs might be available. I didn’t find a dog that day, but she did. Within two weeks I was back to looking. Jason was adamant that he wanted a puppy that would bond with us better than an adult dog and would be easier to train. I wasn’t looking forward to housebreaking a puppy, but I agreed with him anyway.

My mother, on the other hand, really didn’t think we were ready to care for a dog. So she came with me on the day I found Daisey to be my “voice of reason” and prevent me from choosing a dog that day. She wanted me to think about it a couple of days before moving ahead. Slightly irritated with her lack of confidence, but happy to have her with me, we (along with some of Jason’s family) proceeded to look for a puppy.

Our puppy had to meet very specific criteria:

  • Be a girl.
  • Not be yappy.
  • Be small enough that we wouldn’t mind her inside or on the furniture (read: “mama’s” lap).
  • Be big enough that she could wrestle with “daddy”.
  • Be cute (of course!).

I think I went looking on a Friday, so Jason ended up having to work and he had to just trust me to pick a good dog. It’s a good thing he trusts me, right?

We checked at a shelter first, one where they don’t kill any animals for failing to be adopted. A few sweet looking dogs, but no puppies. We had to look elsewhere. The next stop (which is pretty much the only other place here) was the Humane Society. The Humane Society was a lat larger facility than the shelter we started at so we divided to conquer. I started with the puppies section and found a couple of litters. The first was a group of shepherds (remember what I said about needing to stay fairly small?) followed by a group of chihuahua (and not be yappy?) and then a bunch of empty kennels.

So, I moved on to the female dog section, hoping for at least a young dog if not a little puppy. Most were either too big, too small or barked their heads off at me. I started to feel like Goldilocks. There were also a lot of empty kennels and I was beginning to wonder if I would have to wait another few weeks, or settle for a dog that would only kind of fit what we were looking for.

That’s when Jason’s brother, Chad, came up to me and said, “Hey Jenny, come see this one.” I followed him past the official section of female dogs to an unmarked aisle. In a kennel all by herself was a little white dog with black markings. She was curled up in a tiny ball and peeked at us with sad little eyes before looking away. It almost broke my heart.

Unlike most of the other kennels, this one wasn’t marked with either the breed or approximate age of the puppy, so I sent Chad to go find someone that could tell us more about her. I stayed and watched her while he was gone, trying to get her to respond. In the movies, choosing a dog is always so clear cut. You look at a wriggling pile of puppies and your special one tumbles out of the heap and bounds toward you with tail wagging. This puppy wasn’t like that. She looked a little forlorn and confused… and she needed us more than any other dog in the place.

It didn’t take long for one of the workers to come. I told him that I wanted to know more about her. What breed was she? How old? He didn’t know, but got her out of the kennel to take her up to the office to see if they had any information on her. On the way up, he told us that she was already supposed to have been put down. The rest of her litter had been adopted, but she had passed her five adoptable days and was supposed to be dead. I decided before I even reached the office that she wouldn’t have that fate. This was a life I really could save.

But I had to get her past my mom…

…and so I asked my mom to hold her while I filled out paperwork.

Wouldn’t it work on you too?

It was pretty much a done deal. Jason trusted me to find a dog that would suit us. We had to leave her there because according to Humane Society bylaws, she had to be spayed before we could bring her home. I picked her up the very next day and she’s been part of our family ever since.

And now we’ve LOST her!

Perhaps I should rephrase that… We’ve LOST our dog’s weight!!!

At her first vet visit (poor thing had kennel cough!) she weighed in at just shy of five pounds. Three and a half years later, she’s 34 pounds plus a tiny bit more. As of today, Jason and I have lost more than our dog weighs at a total of 36.2 lbs! Jason lost 1.4 and Jenny lost 1.6.

And as you can see, Daisey is safe, happy and healthy. She’s our baby-girl.


7 Comments (+add yours?)

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  2. Cynwise
    Nov 11, 2010 @ 22:43:23

    Okay, at first I was all, NOT DAISY, GET HER BACK.

    But then I read the post, because headlines can be tricky. Congrats on losing your dog’s weight!


  3. Gaye Robison
    Nov 11, 2010 @ 23:04:32

    OK, I was bamboozled by that cute little pup. Now Grandma Gaye and Grandpa Bryce wouldn’t know what to do without her.


  4. Tarinae
    Nov 12, 2010 @ 10:23:25

    Shame on you for almost breaking my heart! 😛

    But congratulations!

    Ps. Paul wants a German Shepard girl puppy, I hope we’re that lucky when we go!


  5. Anafielle
    Nov 12, 2010 @ 10:34:22

    I sent this to my parents. What an adorable story!! /tear You’re making me miss my dogs …….. you always know when you find the right dog. And you are so right; bringing the skeptic along to see the new dog will melt even the hardest of hearts. That’s how we always convinced my dad into every pet, and he eventually was the biggest pet lover of all!

    Always enjoy the blog & love the stories here. Keep it up!


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