Week 8 Results ~ Keep On Rockin’

Alright, it’s that time once again to reveal our weigh in results.

It was another good week for both of us, despite me taking a business trip that took me out of town for a few days. I did good on the trip up until the last day where I went for a small indulgence that turned out to be a huge indulgence.

We went to an Italian place in Hillsboro and I ordered one of my Italian favorites, the Chicken Alfredo. Now, I know that the white sauce is rather unhealthy, and I know it’s regular pasta rather than whole wheat, so I was expecting a fairly high Points value for it, probably somewhere in the mid-to-high 20’s. I’ve got 44 Points to spend in a given day so considering I was going to be on the road for most if it I figured I had more than enough points and even had myself a roll and a salad with ranch dressing while we waited for it to come out.

What I didn’t know was that the Chicken Alfredo was actually closer to 42 Points, almost my entire day’s worth in a single meal. Had I known that before hand, I wouldn’t have bothered eating it in the first place. The meal wasn’t bad, though the Alfredo wasn’t the best I’ve had, but it wasn’t even close to being worth as many Points as it cost me. I could have had a whole stromboli smothered in ranch dressing for fewer points.

But even with that wonderful debacle we both managed a loss.

Jenny: -3.4 lbs
Jason: -3.0 lbs

We’re making some really good progress, and we’re consistent in our losses so far without a single gain to date.

I also wanted to show you something. This first picture has declared that it will remain sideways despite my greatest efforts to prevent it. I’ve saved it 8 different times the way it’s supposed to be and no matter what I do to it it turns over when I upload it. But that’s fine, I’m sure you can imagine it rotated 90 degrees countered.

This is the kitchen at my workplace. It’s a dinky little kitchen fitted mostly with random furniture and appliances from about four decades ago. The focus in this picture is in the back corner, which is where you’ll find the source of my water throughout the day.

The thing that probably drew your eye in the picture though are these…

..and these.

On most Fridays, not all of them anymore, someone brings 2-4 dozen donuts up here to work for everyone to enjoy during the morning break. If you walk down the hall from the kitchen about 18 feet you’ll find my office, and if you continue to walk about 12 more feet you’ll find yourself in the foyer where all the “guys” gather to have break.

As you can imagine, the break bell rings and within about 45 seconds I have a line of guys walking passed my office, waving their donuts at me to let me know that they are there and that “somebody needs to eat ’em all”. A few months ago that was code for, “Jason, we got all we want so the rest are yours.” And I would happily oblige by eating at least two even on the busiest of days.

But now I walk passed those donuts four, five, six times a day as I refill my water bottle. This is the start of our eighth week on Weight Watchers, and in those eight weeks I haven’t eaten a single one.

It’s not like I ever had some sick obsession with the donuts where I’d cower over the box cramming them down my throat or anything. The point though, is that something I used to frequently indulge in that was definitely not healthy, I’ve now avoided all together even though they’re set right there to temp me over and over throughout the day.

I don’t need no stinkin’ donuts.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Psynister
    Nov 19, 2010 @ 13:42:58

    I realize looking at them in the picture rather than in person makes those donuts look a little freaky, especially that first picture, but I assure you the freaky looking ones are friggin’ good.


  2. deana
    Nov 19, 2010 @ 14:37:07

    Aye the had donuts at some meeting this week. I passed. Also working dropping down some lbs and watching what I eat. I’ve been on many diets and just decided to make it easy. Xcalories a day. Eat it, budget it, etc., but keep track of it. I was surprised at the different just looking and adding up could make.

    And take my doggie for a walk now and again (sans rain, we both pass then).


  3. Nochecazador
    Nov 19, 2010 @ 23:49:30



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