1st Full Week on PointsPlus ~ Results!

First off, I will admit that the new PointsPlus program baffles me.

I can understand why the change was made and I think it was for all the right reasons and that part makes sense. It’s the numbers that stump me. As Jason mentioned in the last post, it’s become increasingly difficult for us to eat together due to the PointsPlus daily target gap. He has to do a LOT of snacking and extra portions to meet his target so that we can at least kind of have the same meal.

It’s been difficult for me to plan as well. I used to plan on 10-12 Points per meal. Now I’m looking at 15-18 PointsPlus per meal. Yes, the values for the foods have gone up, but not enough to accommodate that percentage of increase.

So on our first full week of PointsPlus, I ended up using a lot more of my weekly allowance than I usually do, just trying to adjust to all the new numbers. I ATE more… Because I was still definitely within the parameters of the new plan, I didn’t expect a gain, but I really wasn’t expecting very good results either. Logically, it didn’t make sense that eating so much more and using more of my weekly points would lead to a decent loss.

Well, we didn’t have decent losses.

We had fabulous losses! As a team, we lost…


8 pounds!

Jason lost 3.8 and is now at 30.8 total weight lost.

Jenny lost 4.2 and is now at 24 total weight lost.

That’s 54.8 pounds that we’ve lost together since we started this journey two and a half months ago!

So, even though the numbers baffle me and our eating vs loss this week defies my logic, I have no doubt that the new program works. It leads to results.

It leads to success.


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  2. Psynister
    Dec 10, 2010 @ 10:38:23

    The new plan is definitely a little odd in how it works when comparing PointsPlus to Points.

    Seeing a 50% increase in food doesn’t seem like it should work, yet it does. Some meals went up proportionately enough that we’re basically eating about the same as we were before, while other meals mean I basically get to eat twice as many meals as I would have before.

    Like I said last night when the leader asked me what I thought, “It’s weird.”


  3. Cynwise
    Dec 10, 2010 @ 12:39:27

    That makes … like zero sense from a conservation of matter standpoint.

    But! if it works, I’m not going to argue! Congrats!


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