Week 18: Whoops?

Posting weigh-in results on the day following weigh in has sort of become our tradition here. But, we had to break that tradition last week because Saturday was Jenny’s birthday and wanting to do something extra special for her I decided to take her on a trip out of town for the weekend, which included taking Friday off of work for traveling instead.

We also had the [sarcasm]wonderful[/sarcasm] experience of having the circuit board in our heater die on us at the house which meant it was so cold that we stayed with my parents for a few days earlier in the week and didn’t even bother going home.

So those two things combined mean we didn’t post about our weigh in results for last week. And that of course means that I have to fix it.

Jenny: Gained 0.8 lbs
Jason: Lost 2.x lbs

Jenny was really looking forward to hitting her 10% goal right before her birthday and 0.8 lbs is what she needed to lose to get there. As you can see, she gained the amount that she was hoping to lose. It was a sad and frustrating day for her and we took the time to bring it up with the Leader because Jenny had stuck to the plan perfectly and should have had a loss.

When we spoke to the leader we let her know what had been going on, how we’re dealing with the highs and lows of the new PointsPlus™ plan and our concerns with the changes. She asked us several questions to get an idea of what might have caused the gain.

Did you track? Did you eat all of your Weekly points? Have you considered earning Activity Points?

We did all of that last week, and in fact that was the first week that we made an honest effort of earning any Activity Points (exercise) at all. It wasn’t strenuous exercise, just walking the dog, so it certainly wasn’t enough to send her body into shock and force it into survival mode or anything that would normally result in a gain based on exercise.

All of her questions were met with positive answers, she really was doing everything that she was supposed to and the Leader couldn’t find anything that she had done wrong.

But then the Leader brought up two things. First, was that the new plan isn’t working for everybody right now and some people are reverting back to the previous system. She mentioned it’s an option we might consider if we can’t find any other solution. The second thing she mentioned was dropping some points from our Daily Target.

The first option is one that we have considered. Switching back to the old program is easy because all of the math is easy and I can literally do the whole program in my head. We know it works so we could comfortably do it from a weight loss standpoint. However, there are no online tools to support tracking or looking up values with the old plan anymore, and the web tools are how we do all of our tracking and planning. It also brings up the point that there’s no reason to pay to be a member of a plan that we aren’t following, yet doing Weight Watchers alone, without the support of other members, is a lot harder to do and much easier to give up on.

The second option is the one we’re trying right now. Part of the problem with the new plan, which we’ve mentioned before, is that we have a lot of Points to eat every day. It’s almost ridiculous how many Points you have to eat if you have 150+ lbs to lose like we do. I can eat a large Meatlover’s pizza by myself and still have Daily Points left over for the day, not to mention the 49 Weekly I still have left. People who don’t have all that much weight to lose, or people who are Lifetime members talk about struggling to get 29 Points worth of food in every day, yet I’ve got twice that and more.

In order to eat all of our points we often feel like we have to eat unhealthy foods which feels like it completely cancel’s out the whole point which is to lose weight. Eating fruits and veggies that cost no points is supposed to be good for you, but when you fill up on “free” foods it’s hard to spend your points without eating things that are bad for you.

So the plan right now is to modify the system, even though we’re not supposed to, so that Jenny ignores 5 of her PointsPlus™ every day and I ignore 10 of mine. So basically we’re throwing away some of our Daily points and acting like they’re not there. We’re going to try not to eat our Weekly allowance as well. If we want to eat beyond our modified daily targets, then we need to use Activity Points for those, which of course we’ll have to earn first by getting in some exercise.

Is it going to work? Nobody knows. We’re going to give it a shot though and see how we do.

With Jenny’s birthday happening over the weekend that just passed we aren’t going to use this week to determine whether modifying the plan works or not because we intentionally didn’t bother tracking while we were on vacation for her birthday. We went out and ate the things we enjoy the most or things that we used to really like eating when we lived in Arizona that we no longer have easy access to being in a small town in Texas.

I don’t know about her, but I plan on having a gain this week because I know when I don’t bother tracking and intentionally ignore the plan for a day or so I’m not likely to have a loss. So we’ll get passed this week with whatever results we get, and then we’ll put the modified plan into action on Thursday.

But if you’re having trouble on the PointsPlus plan then I suggest you go ahead and take it up with your Leader and see what they can help you come up with to get the plan working for you.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cynwise
    Feb 08, 2011 @ 09:32:02

    It’s good to skip a week when you celebrate. You can get back on track this week – hopefully dropping a few points will be what’s needed.


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  3. Nibuca
    Feb 08, 2011 @ 13:24:16

    As of this morning I’m down 40 lbs since I started in August 2010(week 26). I’ve never been a big fan of WW nor of calorie counting.. nor really of counting anything so it’s taken me a long time to figure out what I need to do to lose weight. I needed to figure out something I could do to lose weight and then could maintain when I reach goal. I -won’t- count. I just won’t do it.

    The biggest thing I’ve done is to combine protein and complex carb/whole grains in every meal.. and to make sure that the meal is sized so that I will be hungry in 3-4 hours. I don’t mean hungry as in “man I’m starving, I could eat a whole pizza” I mean hungry as in “Oh, I feel a slight twinge of hunger, I could eat something now”. If I’m not hungry 4 hours later it means the portion was too big. Just that one change probably accounts for 70% of my loss. The other 30% is from giving up “bad” things (soda, white rice, white flour, white sugar, and cutting back on fast food and restaurant food) and from drinking all of my daily water.



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