Sweet Spot, Where Are You?

I know it’s here somewhere but I can’t find it.

Two weeks ago, I followed my leader’s advice and cut my daily points plus target by 5 points and avoided using the majority of my weekly points. (I think I only used a couple.) I lost one pound. As most of you know from my blog post earlier in the week, I really didn’t track or even eat very well this last week after attaining my 10% goal. Again, I lost one pound. Self-indulgence, it seems, can have some benefits.

But only to a certain point.

When we don’t track, Jason makes no secret about not eating well. Generally, he  indulges a bit more than I do. He has more points to begin with afterall. This week, as well as last week, he had small gains. Could have been a lot worse, but we both know it’s a result of not tracking and not feeling like being “good”.

I suspect that somewhere in between what I did two weeks ago (significantly curbing what I ate) and what I did last week (blending indulgence with healthier choices) is my sweet spot. I really do think that there’s a point where I can get back up to the 2 lbs/week average loss that I had been at and I’m hunting for it.

Just looking for that sweet spot.


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