Progress, not Perfection

Ok, so we both had small gains this week. Jenny +0.8; Jason +0.2

I’m not crushed.

We both expected gains, especially since we had an indulgent lunch yesterday and as per usual (at least lately) we haven’t been very diligent about tracking our daily points. It certainly doesn’t feel good to have a gain, but a quote from the weekly brochure puts it into perspective:

At times, I’ve seen a gain on the scale and felt awful, and then overeaten to soothe the feeling. Now I’m aiming for progress, not perfection.

Back in November, I posted about how Jason and I together had lost the weight of our dog. Now, I’ve lost that much on my own. You can see a picture of her here along with the new puppy, Sophie.

Now Daisey might look a little on the chunky side, but I promise the girl is solid muscle, so she actually weighs more than it looks like she does. She weighs over 30 lbs and I’ve lost over 30 lbs. All I have to do when I need a reminder of my progress is pick her up.

I have a lot to lose. In order to reach a healthy weight range, I have to lose over 175 lbs, which is more than half my initial weight. That’s a long way to go and sometimes I get discouraged thinking of all the work I have to do.

But then I remember something important… where I’ve been.

Even if you have to lose 175 lbs, you can’t lose 30 and not see or feel a difference. I have made progress and it has been positive. I can’t let a setback of a small gain make me give up or I’ll undo everything I’ve done. I’m not perfect. I don’t plan my day perfectly with perfect meals.

But I have made progress… a lot of it.


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  1. Tasha Lee
    Mar 12, 2011 @ 00:07:51

    I’m a bit anxious about my weigh-in in about 11 hours. Not sure what I’m going to see, but I’m definitely going to follow your example. So proud of you all!


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