Yes, I Still Blog Here Too

It’s been a while since the last time I did the posting here, but Jenny decided it was my turn again. I usually push her to do the blogging because she gets much more excited (in general) than I do and that comes out in her writing which keeps things flowing nice and fluffy like around here.

Another part of me pushing her to do more of the writing here is because for the last few months I’ve been wobbling along from plateau to plateau as I kind of stick with the plan and kind of don’t, I get real strict on my tracking for a while and then I stop, I start to exercise and then I stop, and so on. I’m still making good progress, but we’ve found out that with this new plan I can’t just keep track of everything in my head like I used to and still expect to have success.

Over the last two weeks I’ve recommitted to sticking with the plan as intended and so far I’ve done a good job with that. I had a loss last week after finally coming home from my three weeks of business travel, and I know there’s no way that would have happened if I hadn’t bothered tracking during that week. More likely I would have ended up with something much more like that 2.4 gain I had after the first week that I was traveling.

Last night, of course, was our weekly weigh-in, and once again we have a week worth celebrating as we both made an effort to keep each other on track.

Jenny: -2.0 lbs
Jason: -1.8 lbs

That brings me up to a total loss of 40.0 and Jenny up to 47.8. As you can see, she’s still winning. Not that it’s a friendly competition or anything… *cough*

In our meeting last night another woman reached her 50 lbs Lost achievement and got another charm to put on her weight loss key chain. As soon as it was announced that she had lost that much and was getting another charm Jenny poked me with that determined in her eyes and said, “I’m only 2.2 away, I can get my charm next week.” Not that she has a secret competition with everyone else that goes to the meeting too or anything… *cough*

In other news, our (not so) little puppy, Sophie, had to go see the vet this morning for surgery (spayed and a home again chip insert). She’ll be there for another 4 hours or so before we can go pick her up, but that wonderful little pup being in surgery has Jenny a little anxious this morning. She’s a good little puppy momma, and we went through some special training early on to help Sophie bond strongly with her, so having the puppy in surgery all day has momma a little anxious. But we know she’s in good hands.


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  1. Cynwise
    May 13, 2011 @ 12:49:47

    Who are you again?

    (Congrats on the continued loss!)


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