Why yes, I do have the Beastie Boys screaming through my head right now.

But that’s beside the point.

You all read Jason’s post two weeks ago about the great losses we had when actually following the plan. He lost 6.2 and I lost 4.2 and all was beautiful!

So, we followed the plan all of the next week and guess what? I lost 0.8 and Jason gained 0.4. Now it is fairly normal to experience a smaller loss or even a small gain after such substantial losses. We know this because we’ve experienced it before. Large losses shock the body and so your body tries to balance and might slightly over correct. It’s a very normal part of the weightloss process.

Except it frustrated Jason. I could tell.

And that’s when the self-sabotage started. Well, it actually waited until Saturday, but the worm of an idea was there.

Our little monster, who isn’t very little any more, has started “Summer School” because she’s… well… a monster. Her teacher wasn’t going to be there last Saturday, so she had the day off and we had a Sophie-free chance to go and enjoy ourselves in Amarillo. Jason has been trying to get me to try a new restaurant for months and I’ve been resisting. There were two reasons for this: First, I’m not a fan of sushi and I was under the impression that this would be that kind of place. Secondly, having no idea what would be on the menu, I knew it would be really hard to track my points for the meal.

So, we didn’t.

The food was really good and we had decided to be “reasonable” and not have a free-for-all, but that’s kind of what the whole day turned into. We stayed in town, saw two movies (yes, with popcorn) did some shopping and finished up at an italian restaurant. Oh, and there was a visit to our favorite chocolatery in there too. Our day ended up being very far from reasonable.

Knowing full well that I had burned through not only my daily points, but likely surpassed my weekly points as well, I wouldn’t eat above my daily points the rest of the week. I was already trying to mitigate the damage.

And it might have worked if I could have skipped Wednesday (aka the day from hades).

I can’t even pinpoint exactly what was so wrong with the day because so many things contributed to it being rotten. All I know is that after staying at work until 6:30 pm, and having been so good and low on my points all day, I said to Jason, “I have a lot of points. I can eat under my points or I can eat over them. I just don’t care.” And I didn’t.

So, Jason got on the computer and ordered pizza. It wasn’t just pizza, it was pan pizza… with cheesy breadsticks… and a lava crunch cake. Oh, and Jason had some honey BBQ chicken wings as well. We blew our weekly points all over again and then some… all on the night before weigh in.

For any of you that are following the Weight Watchers plan (or any plan that has a weekly weigh in, for that matter) you know how bad this is. It’s the worst meal to blow it all on. And we did it.

Surprisingly, our results on the scale weren’t as bad as they could have been. I maintained and Jason gained one pound. It was still frustrating because we knew we could have had good losses if it hadn’t been for those two days that we totally blew. We knew exactly why we didn’t lose this week.

So, determined to do better, we went to dinner where we knew it would fit within the points we had left for the day. We stopped to rent some movies and resisted the popcorn and candy at the store.

But it was a hot day.

And we needed a cool treat.

So, we pulled into McDonald’s for some icecream. They use a low fat icecream, so you can have a cone for only 4 points. But we’d had that earlier in the day and I wasn’t sure I wanted another. Then Jason said we were there for the Rolos… I have a weakness for caramel. The new Rolo McFlurry is delicious. So, I started scrolling through the desserts at McDonald’s on my WW App and I don’t find it in the 8-10 pts foods which is where I thought it would be. I look in the section one lower to see if it’s lower points than I estimated. Not there. Ok, so 11+ then…

I refused to believe the database. They don’t have the Rolo one listed, but the two they do have are 15 and 17 points. I really did refuse to believe it. Two scoops of candy doesn’t quadruple the points! I was only going to count 8 pts because that’s what it really should be. So, we get our treats and start to pull away. I look down inside my cup and realize that I’m wrong and the database is right. There is more icecream in that cup than in a cone. There is the candy, but there’s also caramel sauce.

I wanted to cry.

Not because it was more points than I thought (a whole new batch of weeklies would help absorb my underestimation) but because not even two hours after leaving our meeting where we had disappointing, albeit expected, results I was doing it again.

I was sabotaging my tracking. We’ve said it a million times. If you track, it works. If you don’t, it doesn’t. One more word needs to be in there.

“If you track honestly, it works. If you don’t, it doesn’t.”

Just because you write down most of what you eat, or write down what you think the points should be, doesn’t mean you’re doing it the right way. No, that handful of chocolate chips isn’t “free”. They used to stress in meetings that you need to count every B-L-T. Every bite, lick and taste. It’s true. How many points (or calories, or grams or whatever you’re counting) are you not counting because it’s too small to matter or you’re too stubborn to admit how bad it really is?

This morning, after tracking my breakfast, I went back to yesterday to take an honest look at it. My McFlurry wasn’t 8 points. I was honest with myself and tracked it correctly. Now, I have fewer weeklies left, but I know that I’m not starting this week by sabotaging myself.

No more sabotage.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Robyn Denise
    Jul 29, 2011 @ 09:50:20

    *BIG HUG* Im really bad with my tracking when I go out for dinner.. I always have been. I have my one meal a week where I go out and don’t track it. I still try to be conscious of making a healthier decision but I dont go and figure out the points… it’s just “this is my weekly points meal”. Funny.. two weeks ago I had 4 of those meals and I forgot about 3 of them when I had my weigh-in. I really need to start tracking those.


  2. fynralyl
    Jul 29, 2011 @ 11:32:05

    That’s the biggest danger in tossing out a meal is that you can lose track and toss out too many, making you go way over your weekly points… two or three times! Even if you don’t track everything in your weekly points meal individually, put in the amount it would take to use them all up. That way, you won’t forget and think they’re available when you’ve already decided that they’re not. Something to try anyway, right?


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