Let’s Get Physical! (Perspective Shift)

I started writing this post in my head Tuesday night as the results of this week’s weigh in became more predictable.

When we came back from vacation, I had a 16 pound lead on Jason. Last week he narrowed that gap to 10 pounds and is closing in on me very quickly (we’re not competitive…. really). I am extremely proud of him and the way he’s stepped it up in his weightloss. But I’m jealous. In fact, a less confident, less determined, less supportive version of me from a few years ago might cry and beg him to slow down so he didn’t leave me behind, feeling discouraged.

It’s a good thing I’m not that girl anymore.

It has turned into a good source of motivation, though. It’s forced me to really stop and take a look at what we’re doing differently. I had always been better about tracking than Jason. In the last few weeks, he’s tracked more consistently than he ever has before. I no longer have that advantage in our race to lose over 150 pounds each.

On the food side, Jason has actually been eating under his daily points value (closer to mine) on most days. While not a good idea if you’re doing it every day, it is a good way to give yourself a weightloss boost. I’ve eaten under a few days, but since I have a smaller number to start with, I can’t cut as much as he has been. This is definitely one of the ways he’s getting ahead.

Food isn’t even the most significant difference.

The other thing that Jason has been doing since his year in review post is that he’s moving more. Unlike me, he’s been making activity more of a priority. That isn’t to say he’s been blasting out two hour workout sessions in the gym like they do on The Biggest Loser. But he is finding moments to do a few pushups or squats in his office. I went to the store over the weekend and he decided to jump on the elliptical while I was gone. He kept it up for 15 minutes (which if you’ve ever been out of shape on an elliptical before, you know how brutal that is) and worked enough that he got sore from it.

We’ve talked about doing more exercise and getting active so many other times before that it feels a little redundant to talk about it again. But apparently all my other posts haven’t motivated me to get up and move. When I hit my year mark on Weight Watchers, I was pretty proud of the fact that I had lost 61 pounds without regular exercise. In fact, I’m still proud of that.

But I need to stop being so proud of what I’ve done without exercise so that I can get off my butt and back in the weightloss race with Jason.

I need a serious perspective shift. What I’ve done has been great, but I want to do better. Just like Jason decided that his first year was good, but not nearly as good as he wanted it.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Robyn Denise (@frosted_miika)
    Oct 13, 2011 @ 08:18:39

    You’re so lucky you have someone to do the program with. I’m trying to hint at my boyfriend to do the online with me since i can’t get to my meetings anymore because of work. He’s leaning a bit more towards doing it because there is an app for it (he’s one of those people, lol). I’m very competitive so having someone do it with me would be great. He would have a lot more to lose them me, but just him losing each week is enough to push me, even though I know I will never beat him on total weigh loss, or even weekly losses.

    Have you touched your boxing thing again?


  2. Elizabeth McLatchy
    Oct 13, 2011 @ 08:26:54

    Positive peer pressure can be good to spur on change. Permanent change (the kind that keeps us going with that change) is not too competitive. I’m glad you’re still proud of yourself. No one else’s success are our failures. (That’s really a note to self.) I’m so proud of you both.


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