Results: Week 1, 2012

Now that we’re back from our holiday hiatus it’s time to get back on track with sharing those weight loss results.

Jenny: -0.8 lbs
Jason: -4.4 lbs

Since we just came back from the hiatus we were planning on some fairly solid losses this week as we got back on plan. I was pretty happy with my 4.4 as it was between the best and worst of what I was hoping for/expecting after the week. Jenny was rather frustrated with her loss being so small.

From what we’ve see before in doing this, we were expecting somewhere between a 2-6 pound loss. Typically when you go off plan and then come back on you see a pretty big loss that first week as your body gets kind of a shock from the change and then settles back into the routine of consistent loss. Her loss wasn’t frustrating because it 0.8 (because that’s still a solid loss), she was frustrated because our own experience tells us it should have been more.

Weight Watchers isn’t designed for big weekly losses, it is designed for loosing large amounts of weight, but it does it over time. The goal for Weight Watchers is to loose 0.5 lbs to 2.0 lbs every week. We both lost weight. We both lost over 0.5 lbs. We’re both winning.

We’re back on track with points tracking.

We’re back on track with cooking our own meals.

We’re getting on track with exercise.

We ARE Winning.

I might have had the bigger loss on the scale this week, but I still haven’t caught up to her yet.

We were almost up to 115 total pounds lost between the two of us prior to the hiatus and this week brings us just 0.2 pounds away from 100. We’re working on getting back to that point and then we’re going to work on blowing those numbers away.

Jenny’s still in front, leading the way, and I’m enjoying the view while I try to catch up to her.

And that reminds me of a quote from a man named Corso Riggs, so I’ll leave you with that –

“Right behind you, Captain!”


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cynwise
    Jan 13, 2012 @ 16:11:48

    Heh. Corso strikes again!

    (Keep up the good work!)


  2. Robyn Denise
    Jan 13, 2012 @ 16:36:35

    Hahaha I love how you tossed in the Corso Reference.. very fitting.
    Congrats on the losses you two!


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