Results, Eating, Gaming, and Loving

For those of you who don’t follow us on twitter or who happened to miss the announcements, Jenny and I were guess on The Double O Podcast earlier this week. We had a great time talking to Oestrus and Ophelie about losing weight, gaming together, how the two of those things work together, and the online communities that surround us.

This week in weigh in results we had about what we were expecting after the good losses last week, which is small gains this week.

Jenny: +1.6
Jason: +0.2

It’s not unheard of for me to have big losses back to back and I was actually expecting a small loss last night more than a small gain, but it is what it is. Jenny tends to follow the more elastic version of losses and gains so she was fully expecting a gain last night though she didn’t expect it to be as big as it was.

Some of our gain can be attributed to the way weight loss goes, like I said with small gains often following big losses as your body adjusts to that change. But yesterday we also had a much larger lunch than we normally do, I was chugging water up until about half an hour before weigh in before I even thought about the fact that I should have stopped the water for the weigh in, and Jenny wasn’t feeling well for most of the day so her body was already out of whack and who knows how it could have been affected her.

Neither of our gains are a big deal, we can overcome those easily next week.

I’ve also started to track my exercise on a somewhat-new website out there called Fitocracy, which takes exercise and turns it into a game of sorts. Exercising earns you experience points which increases your level. There are achievements for accomplishing various activities, “quests” that you can do for bonus experience (and to challenge yourself), and there’s a nice community with fun ways to interact with and support one another. It’s fun and it gives me a little more incentive to want to get my exercise in.

I still haven’t gotten into exercising very much, and here we are with 1/3 of my time gone. My goal this year was to loose as much in 6 months as I did in the full year last year because I knew I had been such a horrible slacker. I need to borrow this year’s theme from the Biggest Loser, “No Excuses”, and tattoo it on my forehead or something.


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  1. Cynwise
    Feb 24, 2012 @ 13:53:15


    (gj keeping level heads about the gain, though. Keep on going you two!)


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