Results: Whoops, I Forgot to Blog!

It’s been a busy three weeks around here, so we’ve missed a few results posts because we had other things going on that kept us from the meetings and then today I completely forgot that it was my turn to blog.

So, after 3 weeks here are last night’s results:

Jenny: +0.8
Jason: -0.2

Jenny had a slight gain which is actually kind of fantastic consider what all has been going on and that we haven’t had the support/encouragement that we usually get from attending our meetings.

I lost the amount that I gained last time, so I’ve essentially stayed the same for the last month.

I’ve done a fairly decent job of increasing my exercise lately, and I’ve had fun tracking it by using Fitocracy. I’m not doing a lot of exercise or anything, but I’m trying to utilize at least one break each day while I’m at work for doing bodyweight exercises in my office.

Jenny’s been researching and experimenting with fabulous new recipes for us and we’ve had some really good food lately thanks to her efforts. Food that both tastes great and is low in points!


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