Going the Right Direction

I’m not going to hold my breath, since what I lost this last week is still part of the same two pounds I’ve been gaining and losing for the last few months, but I did lose and so did Jason.

  • Jenny -1.8
  • Jason -3.0

At least we’re going the right direction? Only thing to do right now is stay on track and keep working on getting that number down. We can do this. It’s just a lot slower than when we lost weight last year. It’s hard to get excited.

But I blogged. That’s an improvement too, right?


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gaye Robison
    Apr 27, 2012 @ 11:11:44

    You did good. Keep up the good work you two.


  2. antlergirl
    Apr 27, 2012 @ 12:27:00

    It’s because of you guys that I started to lose weight again. I’m really inspired by you both and to give myself that extra little kick up my wobbly rear, I figured that logging it into my own blog would help me stay on track 🙂


  3. Cynwise
    Apr 27, 2012 @ 14:42:20

    Trajectory: reesstablished!

    Stay on target!


  4. Stormy
    May 02, 2012 @ 18:25:25

    (Posting this comment for the third time. Cross your fingers.)

    I did WW four years ago and lost 50 pounds, and any time the subject of weight loss comes up I happily tell people that if you stick to the WW plan and follow the instructions WW actually works. I’m back at the point where I need to do something about my weight before it (continues to) causes serious medical issues that I lack the capacity to deal with, so two weeks ago I went back on WW. I’m looking at the new PointsPlus after the big revision, and I have to say I’m really skeptical.

    Jason mentioned in an earlier post that he gets 62 points a day. I get 52. For 52 points I could theoretically eat three pieces of pizza for lunch and a fast food burger for dinner, and have points left for fries. Doesn’t that seem a little…whackadoo? I am finding myself hard-pressed to come anywhere near my 52 points a day. I’m trying to do the responsible thing and make good choices (and I know I can’t have a pint of Ben & Jerry’s twice a week like I used to), but for example, today I had two Taco Bell fresco tacos for lunch (8 points) and I’ve had a PowerBar meal bar (6 points). I know that I’m having a burger for dinner, so I’m skimping and planning ahead, but at this point I could have a burger *and* ice cream and still stay on plan.

    …doesn’t that seem a little…whackadoo? I’m curious what you guys, as longtime WW participants, think.


    • fynralyl
      May 02, 2012 @ 18:44:32

      That was really difficult for us at first. Because they recalculated everything (so items cost more points and also everyone has more to begin with) the number itself seems like a ton of points. It’s not as many as you think and you can still “blow it” if you go over. When they first switched, we had the same response and that led to not tracking. I mention this so you don’t get caught in the same trap.

      As far as whether or not the new points plus system works? It does. We both still weigh enough that we can eat “real” food like burgers and pizza. When we lose enough weight to go down in points, you’ll see us cutting more out. The main thing that makes the difference is actually paying attention to what you eat. Would you have had four slices of pizza instead of three? A candy bar at break instead of an apple?

      I can honestly say that while my weightloss recently has been very disappointing, I know that most of that is my fault for not following the plan. When I follow the plan, I may not lose much, but I do lose and so does Jason. Trust the plan and it will work.

      If you’re not getting the results you want or still really feel like you can eat way too much food on the unhealthy side of the line, the new program also has flexibility built in. You can decide to make your daily target up to three points higher or lower than is calculated automatically.

      Hope this helped!

      ps. I still eat ice cream too ❤


    • Psynister
      May 02, 2012 @ 21:04:52

      It’s definitely whackadoo at first glance when you’re getting started. I’ve always had a lot of points, even in the old plan, but I gained something like 19 points or so when the plan switched and that was just flipping crazy – or so it seemed.

      What we found through actually following the plan though was that we still did well with the new points system. It takes some getting used to, but it really does still work. And as Jenny mentioned, if you’re finding that your total is just too high to actually work for you, then knock it down by 3 points.

      Also, cut back on the super healthy foods a bit. Drop the 1% milk and lowfat cheese and go back to whole milk and regular cheeses. Look at your deserts or snacks and see which of those you’re using healthier versions of and switch back to the normal varieties too. You’re not doing it because you want to be unhealthy, as many of those things aren’t actually unhealthy for you so much as they are less healthy than the diet varieties.

      Make sure you’re cooking with healthy oils, and count the points for them. And don’t feel like you need to eat more each sitting, just eat more often. If you’re low on your points, then snack on things that do have points values even if they’re low. We get some of our extra points in each day by having a few hard candies while we’re at work for 2-4 points each day depending on how many we eat.

      Eat some of those snacks that you really like but that have higher points values that you would have considered acceptable on the old plan. Like peanut butter and its high value compared to serving size.

      And don’t worry if there are some days now and then that you don’t reach your points goal. Just don’t make that your norm. If you’re constantly under-eating you’re going to see some good results in the short term as your body reacts to it, but in the long run it’s going to bite you. If you go 2-3 days hitting your target and then 1-2 going 20 points under, then so be it. Just make sure you’re not depriving yourself of the good things that your body needs just because the labels tell you that X is better for you than Z. Not all healthy foods are created equal.


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