May the Fourth Be With You

I’m really hoping the midi-chlorians are alive and well in Jason and I, because we’re definitely going to need some help from The Force this week.


By the way, Happy Star Wars Day!

With small gains on the scale this week, which didn’t surprise either of us with our negligent (read: nonexistent) tracking, Jason and I have committed to 100% tracking all week. If we were on our normal schedule, this would be pretty doable, but we’re headed out for another out of town weekend. Jason has some mandatory training he has to complete tomorrow morning, so we’re leaving after work and staying overnight.

This is usually a recipe for disaster as we can’t help but go on “vacation” mode even though it’s not much of a vacation. We’re off to a pretty good start though. I ended my day yesterday right at my target. When I came in to work today, though I had a challenge to surprise me. A coworker had brought in donuts and I really wanted one. So you know what I did? I planned my day (including dinner out for our overnight stay) to see if I could “afford” to have one. As a pleasant surprise, I could.

Breakfast – 7

  • Weight Watchers String Cheese – 1
  • Donut – 6

Lunch – 14

  • Subway 6″ BBQ Chicken Sub – 8
  • Subway White Chip Cookie – 4

Snack – 4

  • Newton’s Fruit Crisp (3) – 4

Dinner – 8

  • Applebee’s new Jalapeno Lime Shrimp & Rice – 8

Doesn’t that look good?

This leaves me with 9 points (total 42) to spend on a little dessert after dinner. The chocolate mousse dessert shooter is totally worth dipping into my weeklies for the other 4 points I’ll need for it.

Honestly, I think this pre-planning and not The Force, will be the true power behind successfully tracking.

Track or track not. There is no try.


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