Chubby Couple Update

We’re still here, guys!

Just throwing out a quick post here to let you all know that we have every intention of keeping this blog going, and to keep on going with our weight loss journey.

Back in April we had a mouse chew through the water feed hose that went to our ice make (that we never use) on our refrigerator which caused a water leak into our wall that then flowed under our kitchen floor and destroyed the sub-floor in the kitchen and part of our hallway.

The repairs for that damage involved a full demolition of the kitchen and here we are almost 5 months down the line and we still don’t have our kitchen back. We do have cabinets now, but still no counter tops thus no sink.

Not having a kitchen has really hindered our weight loss goals, so we’ve pretty well taken a break from the weight loss for the time being as well. In hind sight, we really should have just shifted all of our focus to cooking on the grill and eating more foods that required alternate forms of cooking or no cooking at all.

We’re going to get back to the Weight Watcher meetings, hopefully on the first week of September, and we’ll get the blog back up and moving at a steady pace from there.


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