Damn Mice

I am sick to death of not having a kitchen to cook in.

We’re getting closer, but about five months of eating out for just about every meal hasn’t been healthy for my wallet or my waistline. Now that we’re done with this year’s traveling and (hopefully) only weeks away from having a kitchen counter and sink again, Jason and I have decided to get back to tracking and trying to stay within points. Due to limited low-point options in town, we very quickly got bored with what we were eating and went on hiatus. Unfortunately, that means that between the holiday hiatus that I hadn’t recovered from before the mice attacked and the subsequent never-ending kitchen remodel, I’ve managed to gain back 43 of the 65 lbs I had lost before Christmas last year.

At least I haven’t gained it all back, right?

The interesting (read: frustrating) thing is that while Jason easily ate more and ate worse than I did, he hasn’t gained as much back overall. This wasn’t the kind of trend we had previously. I was always the bigger loser in our house. I had been kicking his butt. However, another thing that happened just before Christmas was that I went off birth control, which while not a cure, at least masked some of my PCOS symptoms. I really hate being on birth control for various reasons, predisposition to hormonally based cancer being one, so I don’t want to go back on it. So, I’m back to fighting for every pound I want to lose and having to be ten times more careful about putting it on. One of the curses of PCOS: weight goes on incredibly easy and it’s a fight to lose it.

I hate my body.

And mice. I hate mice.


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