You’ve Got to Move It, Move It


So earlier this week, I let you know about my disappointing time on the scale last Thursday, but I didn’t let it deter me. I stayed on plan, tracked everything that passed my lips, and most importantly, tracked every move I made. Previously, I had been able to lose fairly easily and regularly by just changing my eating habits. With my hormone imbalances not being adjusted by medication anymore, I knew I had to work harder, so I did.

And it paid off.

  • Jenny: -4.8
  • Jason: -2.4

Last week  I earned 13 activity points, mostly from my all day step tracking, but also from my early morning walks that I used to get my heart rate up and metabolism going. Jason, I’m sure, has earned a lot more activity points with his 45 minute gym workouts, but the important part is that we’re both moving, building endurance and pushing to do a little more each day.

I’ve been using my FitBit tracker since I got it and Tuesday it started acting funny. It has been pre-tracking steps for the whole day (but not calories burned) so I’ve been waking up to bad data. I don’t know if it’s because this was a used one and it’s remembering old data because the previous owner used the wrong year or date for a while? Either way, it really bothered me when I found out because I really wanted to use the tool and I knew I couldn’t trust the numbers.

But I kept using it and before long, it not only stopped bothering me, but actually encouraged me to move more. You see, that morning that it first started happening, there were 4800 steps logged that I knew I hadn’t taken. I went for my morning walk and added 1557 to that total and it (incorrectly) gave me the 5K step achievement. Throughout the day, I liked to watch the number build and any time I saw it backsliding, I would get up and move more. I realized before too long that my activity was overwriting the bad data and it encouraged me to push harder and do more so that it wouldn’t drop.

Tuesday I had my most active day so far:

I earned six of my thirteen activity points that day alone. While I haven’t gotten back up to that number, it has encouraged me to add a little more every day to my morning walk because that’s the time I have the most control over. So, even with the freezing north wind trying to blow me back, I pushed through this morning’s walk (1,980 steps) and was rewarded when I stepped on the scale after.

Eating well isn’t enough anymore. You’ve got to move it, move it. MOVE IT!


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