Back to Business (Results)

We had a successful weigh-in last week, but Friday turned out to be quite a busy day for us so neither of us had a chance to get a post written up for the blog. So it’s a few days late, but here are the results for last week’s weigh-in:

Jenny: -2.0 lbs
Jason: -3.6 lbs

We did a good job on our tracking, we tried to incorporate fruits and veggies into every meal that we had per the challenge from our leader the week before. We didn’t do anything on the exercise front that I recall, but since we’re just now getting back on track with the whole system again after the kitchen debacle last year followed by the “the holidays”, I think we did really well overall.

This morning I got back into my exercise routine of heading to the gym every day around 6 A.M. I felt really tired last night, so I went to bed early around 9:30 which is rather unheard of for me. I did a little reading when I got there since I haven’t finished reading A Memory of Light yet, and as the book tends to do it sucked me right in and I didn’t actually go to sleep until about 11. I got up with my alarm though at 5:45 and had almost convinced myself to just go back to bed when I thought back to a talk I had with Jenny last night about dreams dying and how little we accomplish in our lives on a daily basis right now.

So, I said “screw that” to the temptation to go back to sleep and I headed to the gym. Since I had fallen out of the habit of going to the gym and had almost talked myself out of going today, I didn’t want to go in like I usually do and just come up with a routine or schedule on the fly, so I told myself as I walked through the door that I was going to spend one full hour on the treadmill today even if my feet and shins were killing me. I set a goal that was beyond what I’ve done in the past, but that I thought I could achieve.

So that’s what I did:

Hold on a second while I pat myself on the back here:

Note that the heart rate isn’t entirely accurate since the only time I ever check it is when I first get on and then after each interval where I ran particularly fast. So after I do a quarter mile or so at 9.0 speed, I’ll check my heart rate to make sure I’m not going to kill myself doing this, and then make sure I walk it off before bumping my speed back up for another round of jogging/running. So yeah, it’s an accurate average, but it’s only averaging the highest points since that’s all I ever check. If running with my hands holding onto a bar in front of me wasn’t incredibly awkward, I’d probably keep a closer eye on those things.

Exercise-Induced Asthma Is a Thing
Another thing that I wanted to note today is something that came up last week while I was reading a blog that’s written by one of my twitter friends called Geek Fitness. BJ wrote this post, Geek Fitness: Running with Asthma and it really got me started thinking about how my body reacts to certain forms of exercise. I’ve wondered since high school if maybe I had some freaky form of asthma that only shows up every now and then, and reading his post made me start thinking about it a bit more seriously as I had never heard of exercise-induced asthma before.

So today I decided to do a little research, and here are a couple of links to some sources online that talk about Exercise-Induced Asthma (EIA): WebMD and

The first time I ever noticed this was when I was playing football in 8th grade. It never happened during a game, but it would happen occasionally during practices if we were spending a lot of time running. I figured it was just me being out of shape. You know, fat guy goes for a run he’s going to be winded. Sounds normal, right? While that was the case too, running by itself shouldn’t make you feel like you’ve got a teenager standing on your chest. I’ve also noticed that it’s much more frequent and lasts longer when the weather outside is cold.

I looked at the symptoms: Coughing (check), Tightening of the chest (huge check), Wheezing (not every time, but check), Unusual fatigue while exercising (not sure about “unusual”, so maybe-check), Shortness of breath when exercising (check).

It takes about 5-10 minutes for the tightness to show up, and then the extra mucus production starts and does a fantastic job of clogging me up even further. This is from the Mayo Clinic site under When to see your doctor, “See your doctor if you cough, wheeze, or have chest pain or tightness during or after exercise. Many people don’t realize they have exercise-induced asthma because they think these are their body’s normal responses to working out. Don’t assume your symptoms are caused by being out of shape or short on endurance.”

I started working out today at 6:10, the tightness got to a point where I really noticed it at 6:20, and that tightness stayed with me in full force until 9:25. My lungs are working fine now, but it’s 11:05 and I still feel the tightness a bit but for the most part can breath just fine unless I try to take big breaths. I’m not sure how cold it was this morning, cold enough for the car windows to be frosted, but when I stepped out into that cold air this morning to leave the gym the coughing started and holy cow is it painful. I haven’t coughed in about an hour, so I think we’re done with that for today.

Up to this point I’ve always just dealt with it by recognizing when breathing starts to be too bad and then I walk it off to calm it down a bit by breathing through my nose as much as possible and then going back to the exercise and repeating the process as often as I need to. With this having the potential to be something pretty big, I think it’s about time I actually went to a doctor. Also, since as far as we can tell the trigger for my epilepsy is not being able to breath, I certainly don’t need a double whammy of asthma attack meets seizure. I haven’t had any seizure activity now for over 5 years, but it’s a chance I’d rather not take if there’s a simple prescription that can help me out.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Hestiah
    Jan 21, 2013 @ 18:08:53

    I know that staying motivated can be really difficult, especially for such an early morning gym call. But good for you for sticking to it and going. And good for you for pushing yourself to run!

    I also hope that you do take yourself to the doctor and find out if you have asthma. Lots of cheering from here!


  2. B.J. Keeton
    Jan 21, 2013 @ 18:53:13

    Guys, it honestly made my day when I saw this link. Really. I’m so happy that some of the stuff I’ve dealt with because of EIA may help someone out. It’s a cheap prescription, I think, for albuterol, and honestly, it almost feels like a miracle drug–when I had to take two puffs Friday night, I could breathe perfectly in under 30 seconds. I hope you get your double-whammy!


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