I’ll Take Average

Average is good.

Especially when it comes to weight loss. Doctors recommend that you lose an average of 1-2 pounds a week for healthy, balanced weightloss. If you stay within that average, you can lose up to 104 pounds a year, which is nothing to dismiss. Would we all like to lose weight in the double digits, like we see on shows like The Biggest Loser? You bet. Trouble is, most of us don’t have access to hours of gym time a day, dedicated nutritionists (with daily or weekly assistance) or doctors to supervise workouts to make sure we’re not injuring ourselves or depriving ourselves of important vitamins and nutrients. Simply put, the numbers we see on weightloss contests on television are unrealistic for the average person to accomplish safely.

And I’m ok being average.

Jason and I have been back on plan for the last three weeks. Even though we didn’t have mind-blowing numbers on the scale this week (I lost 0.8 and Jason stayed the same) when you look at our current average, we’re both doing really well.

Three week totals with averages:

  • Jason -6.6 (2.2/week)
  • Jenny -6.2 (2.06/week)

As you can see, we’re both slightly above that recommended average, which is better than either of us did last year by far, and is even a better average that we had during our first year on plan, which so far as been our most successful. At the higher end of average healthy weightloss?

I’ll take that.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. rowan
    Jan 25, 2013 @ 11:34:15

    When I joined the Army about a decade ago, I was at least 30 pounds overweight. Basic Training was essentially just like “The Biggest Loser” as far as exercise goes, if not nutrition. By the end, I’d lost more than 30 pounds of fat and gained some muscle. And I wasn’t “the biggest loser” in my platoon. I was the fittest—but not the thinnest—I’d ever been. (I was still over BMI) But that pace is extremely difficult to maintain, unless your job both requires and allows time for it.

    Reasonable, sustainable, health and fitness are incremental. You said on Twitter that I and others inspire you. Well, you guys inspire me. Thank you for sharing your efforts here on the blog.

    P.S. A recommendation for your blogroll: Professorbeej’s http://www.geekfitness.net/


    • fynralyl
      Jan 25, 2013 @ 11:44:34

      We haven’t updated our blogroll in ages and will definitely be adding BJ’s! Thanks for the reminder! And you’re right. Basic Training is one of those rare situations where rapid weight loss/muscle gain is definitely possible, but so hard to maintain. I’ll take the progress we’re enjoying and run with it. 🙂


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