Back on track: Results & Kilt Attempt #1

Getting back on plan, and staying on plan, after the kitchen renovation proved to be quite a chore. The amount of weight that we gained back combined with how discouraging some of the weigh in results were after we got back on plan really made it hard for us to want to keep going back. Jenny was struggling with it in particular, but we tend to feed off of each others attitudes so when one of us gets discouraged it’s sort of contagious.

Last week we decided it was time to change that. We decided it was time to jump back into our routines that we had set aside and take back control of our lives a bit. One of the first decisions we made, was to get back on plan with Weight Watchers, and so far we’re doing good.

Jenny: -4 lbs
Jason: -6 lbs

Together we lost exactly 10 lbs, and that made us both feel really good. The group was a bit smaller than usual, but everyone at the meeting combined had lost 30.x lbs so just the two of us were 1/3 of that.

I’ve also decided it’s time for me to start wearing a kilt now and then, so over the last few weeks I’ve been ordering bits and pieces of my kit. I don’t have everything yet, but I’ve got all of the really important bits, so I decided to put it all together last night and let her have a look.

In the nine days that it took for the kilt to arrive from the UK, I had lost enough weight that the kilt was already too big to fit me, so I’m having to do some alterations to it right now to fit. When I tried it on last night I had just finished moving the strap on the inner apron so that it would actually fit, and the buckles for the outer apron haven’t actually been moved yet. After I looked at the pictures that Jenny took of me posing in the kilt, I wasn’t too sure about wearing a kilt anymore, because I think I look pretty stupid in the majority of those pictures. Stupid enough that I was considering giving up the kilt after I saw them.

Since the kilt is supposed to be worn around your naval waist (between your belly button and your ribs), wearing the kilt along with a belt and particularly a sporran can really emphasize how big your stomach is too, which makes me more self conscious about my weight. I might ditch the sporran (that’s the pouch in front, by the way) for a while or switch to another style of sporran that has straps that allow it to dangle from your belt rather than being on its own strap/chain which is what emphasizes my gut. We’ll see how that goes in the future.

Jenny also took this video of me walking in the kilt. I was walking up and down the hall and had stopped to tuck in my shirt when she told me that she was filming, and apparently she liked what she was seeing. As you’ll hear at the end of the video, I still wasn’t sure about wearing it at the time. After watching the video though, I’m more confident in the look now and won’t mind wearing it out in public.

My efforts to embed the video link have been unsuccessful so far, so here’s a regular link if you’d like to see it. Be warned, Jenny does start the video off with some words that might make your coworkers suspicious of what you’re watching if you’re at work. So you might want to get the volume turned down before you start it up. It’s not unsuitable for work, but it turned a few heads in my hallway when I tested it out this morning.

Short video of me walking in my kilt.


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