The Best Laid Plans…

… don’t always have to fail.

Jason and I have been really good about making and sticking to our meal plans, even when it came to figuring out what we would eat over this last busy weekend. I had my annual mother-daughter shopping day for my mom’s birthday and Jason had a funeral he needed to attend (and subsequent luncheon). And we totally rocked Saturday.

Then Jason called me while I was enjoying my chocolate covered strawberries that I had already tracked.

He and his brothers decided to plan a barbeque at their parent’s house for Father’s Day during lunchtime. Ribs. Brisket. Potato salad. None of this was in the plan. None of this even could be in the plan for me. There was just no way I could eat ribs and brisket and be able to eat anything else the rest of the day without going over my daily points and blowing past my weeklies. At first I was pretty upset. How could Jason agree to this kind of menu when he knew we had to stay on plan? Then I remembered that he has quite a few more daily points than I do (being younger & a man) so ribs and brisket weren’t out of the question for him.

I realized that it was up to me to find a way to make it work for me.

That’s when I tackled making my plan work with the new wrench that had been thrown in it. I moved my lower point meal to be for dinner (super low because it’s only lean protein, fruit & veggies), told Jason that we needed to bring the chicken we had planned for pasta to throw on the grill instead. We also took stock of the fruit we had in the house and decided to throw together a fruit salad (plain fruit, no sauce or cream) so that I could have a 0 point side.

I had a plan again and the panic was gone.

It ended up being perfect. I was able to enjoy the meal with family and keep control of my meal and food. I had one large boneless skinless chicken breast, just enough BBQ sauce to marinade & baste while cooking, 1/2 cup of potato salad, 2 cups of mixed fruit (watermelon, hami melon, strawberries as well as both green & black grapes) and half a slice of lemon meringue pie.

Would it have been easier to just blow the day and eat what everyone else was having? Yeah.

But you know what? A little extra planning and prep made it work and I didn’t have to allow an unexpected event the chance to break my progress.

Bonus: Other people got to enjoy the chicken and fruit that we added to the menu. In fact, out of that big bowl full of fruit, there was nothing left to bring back home.

No, the best laid plans sometimes need to change, but they certainly don’t have to fail.


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