It Still Works

Funny thing about Weight Watchers, when you only kind of do it, it only kind of works.

But when you really do the whole shebang? It works! We’ve been incredibly dedicated over the last three weeks. I haven’t even had queso once during this whole time. And anyone who knows me, knows this is a big deal. Can I have queso? You bet. As long as I plan for it and really watch my portions. It just hasn’t been a priority. I’m all about cooking at home for most meals, working in all the power foods and healthy guidelines so that I’m satisfied longer. There are a lot more dishes, but we’re spending a lot less money and I don’t have to worry about the temptation of the queso bowl.

This leads me to another topic that was discussed last week and touched on this week: Simply Filling. When Jason and I were eating out all the time, this wasn’t really something we felt like we could follow very well, mainly because we didn’t have the details of how everything was prepared/cooked. In our own home and kitchen I think it would be more doable. Simply Filling is an alternate method that WW supports. As long as you only eat Power Foods (indicated by a green pyramid in their literature) you don’t have to track points values, in fact you don’t even have a daily point target. You eat any portion of power food until you’re satisfied (most people sigh and lean back in their chair when they reach this point, even if their brain hasn’t caught up – learn your own indicator) so the only thing you track are any non-power food items you might eat. These points then come out of your weekly 49. This is a lot like the old Core program. The nice thing about it, is that they’ve made it more flexible. You used to have to do Core for at least a whole week at a time. With the new program, you can switch methods day to day.

With how much we’ve been working power foods into our menus, I don’t think it will be long before we can try a few days of Simply Filling. I think it would be great to do Simply Filling during the week and then switch to Tracking over the weekend or when we know we’re going to have an event that isn’t power food friendly. (No, queso is not a power food, in case you were wondering. le sigh) We’ll let you all know how it goes when we give it a try.

In the meantime, we’re tracking like all-stars! I’m pre-planning/tracking everything 3-4 days at a time, sending the meal plan to Jason so he can plug it in too, and any time something changes, it gets updated on my tracker before it even goes in my mouth. In other words, we’re working the plan and it’s working for us.

Last week, we were expecting the minimal loss/possible gain shoe to drop since we’d had such big losses the first week back. We did lose a little less this week, but were both pleased that everything is still going in the right direction.

  • Jason: -0.8 (-8.4 in three weeks!)
  • Jenny: -1.6 (-8.4 in three weeks!)

In fact, as you can see we’re now tied for our three-week weightloss! Eight and a half pounds down for each of us in three weeks in none too shabby.


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