We Survived Vacation!

It’s really difficult sometimes not to let a vacation turn into a free-for-all food wise. I know that it has happened to us before and you have to then spend some time making up for it afterwards. Usually, we don’t mind because when we’re on vacation, we just want to enjoy ourselves and not worry if we have enough points available for that little treat or to try something new where we have no idea what the point value is.

The trouble is that this time, we had such great momentum going into the vacation, I didn’t want to come back and have to “catch up”. So, while we didn’t track and we weren’t exactly good, we certainly weren’t terrible. It also helped that we attended a festival in a hilly part of the mountains south of Denver and ended up (according to my FitBit) climbing the equivalent of 14 flights of stairs and ending up with over 7,000 steps that day without hitting the gym.

So we didn’t expect great things on the scale this week (after all, we weren’t exactly GOOD), so we were quite pleased with these post-vacation results:

  • Jason: +1
  • Jenny: -0.2

Neither of us has a ton of weight to “catch up” on and I even managed to have a tiny loss. Not bad for a fun vacation where we didn’t track and enjoyed a few indulgences. Now to make sure we stay on track pretty strict this week so it doesn’t catch up with us next week!


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