Since this is the fourth post in a row that I’ve had to make, because the biggest loser has gets to blog, I’m going to keep this one short.

We went into the weigh-in last night in opposite mindsets to what we had last week. Jenny has been feeling and looking skinnier all week, so she was excited and expecting a loss. I wasn’t expecting a gain last night, but for whatever reason I just wasn’t feeling especially like I lost either. So she was excited and I was just kinda rolling with it unsure of what to expect.

Jenny: -1.4 lbs (0.635 kg)
Jason: -2.4 lbs (1.088 kg)

In the end, it looks like we were a couple of losers after all. That brings our total combined weight loss up to 106 lbs (48.08 kg).

Our friend Lisa, that I mentioned last week, lost even more than I did and the three of us combined this week were over half of the total weight lost at the meeting last night.

Guest Posts Welcome!
We’ve recently been expanding our readership, and I know not everybody has the time to go through a blog and read all the posts that have ever been written there, so I wanted to mention once again that we are open to guest posts from any of our readers who would like to share some of their own writing in regards to weight loss or fitness. Whether you just want to share your own weigh-in results, a recipe, an exercise you like to do, or talk about your success or struggles, we’re open to it as long as it relates to the focus of the site.

If you’re interested in posting here on The Chubby Couple you can leave us a comment, send us an email, or get in touch with us on Twitter or Google+.


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