Perspective – Lose For Good

With Jason’s disappointment at staying the same again this week (I lost 0.8) I think it’s a really good time to talk about perspective. And Lose For Good.

Every year, Weight Watchers runs a Lose For Good campaign. You’ve probably seen me post or tweet with the hashtag, especially when I was sharing the Lose For Good gift that they sent to me. During this time, Weight Watchers donates up to $500,000 to specific charities based on the number of pounds lost during the campaign as well as social media actions taken on 9/23 for the Lose-A-Palooza media blitz to promote the charities associated with the Lose For Good campaign. In addition to the national campaign, Weight Watchers encourages each local meeting or group to bring in non-perishable food to donate to a local food bank. They encourage each member to bring in one pound of food for each pound of weight they have lost during the 4-week campaign.

Of course any extra is always encouraged.

Last year, Jason and I weren’t really on plan, so we didn’t participate. The year before, though, we had been on plan for a whole year and had made some very significant strides in our weight loss. We donated 116 pounds of food for our combined total weight loss at the time. The first time around, I was totally kicking Jason’s butt on the scale. More than half of our total pounds lost came from my weight tracker.

This year we’re donating 122 pounds of food.

This is the highest combined total for weight loss that we have experienced as a couple. We make no secret about the mistakes that we made last year. I paid for them quite a bit more than Jason did and I’m still working to pay off that “debt” to myself. Jason, however, is losing new weight and has been for quite some time. Instead of me being over half the weight loss that we’re counting for the Lose For Good donation, Jason has done the lion’s share. He is almost 75 pounds of that total on his own.

So while he may be disappointed in staying the same two weeks in a row, what he has done is incredible. It’s inspiring. Even more so, he’s getting smaller and people are noticing! We ran into an old co-worker of his at the store. “Hey, I used to know someone who looked like you, but he was a bigger guy!” At his Granny’s birthday party. “Oooooh, you look so good son!”  Seeing an old friend at the meeting that hadn’t been there for a while, “Oh, you look so good. You’re doing GOOD, aren’t you?”

While the number on the scale does matter for Lose For Good. It’s hardly the only thing that matters in this journey. Inches matter. Fitness matters. Clothes fitting smaller matter. People who you don’t see everyday noticing the difference matters. Sometimes we just need to ignore the number for a while, focus on tracking, eating well, exercising and letting our bodies find balance as they change.

Sometimes we just need a shift in perspective.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Erika
    Oct 11, 2013 @ 09:22:11

    You two are doing amazing! Keep it up!


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