Getting Swole(n)

Friday has finally arrived (thank goodness!), so it’s time to share the results of our weigh in!

Before we get into that though, I wanted to take a minute to share what’s been going on this week. I usually put results up at the top and then give you the big wall of text afterwards, but this time I’m going to change it up a bit just for the sake of change. *gasp!*

Fitocracy & Getting Swole
Jenny and I decided to take advantage of the time change over the weekend by tricking our bodies with that free hour of sleep to wake up early and go to the gym. We missed one morning due to dogs being stupid-crazy in the middle of the night and waking us up three times, but we made it up that same evening right after work. So we’ve officially gone to the gym every day this week.

*pause for applause*

Jenny went back to her staple of walking around the track at the youth center, and I went with my usually “come up with something on the fly and do it”. For the first few days I went with my own plan, which was cardio for Mon/Wed/Fri and lifting on Tue/Thu. I’m not following any particular wisdom in doing that though, I just got an idea and decided to do it. Since I don’t want to fumble along without making any real progress, I decided to ask the community at for some ideas of workout routines that I could use.

I got some good tips on there, and I found a 16 week routine called “Get Swole” by Cory Gregory that I’m going to try my best to stick to. I’m not going to follow the diet portion, and I’m not going to invest in all the supplements, I’m just following the lifting. I won’t go into too much detail about the plan, because this post is about weight loss, not weight lifting. I’ll be happy to share some information if anyone is interested. The workouts are pretty tough, but they’re laid out well and give me some solid direction to follow in the gym so that I’m not standing around trying to figure out what lift I’m going to do next.

We’ve been tracking our progress on a site called Fitocracy. It’s a fitness site that was originally designed for gamers to track things in a fun and engaging way, but the site kind of took off and caught on quickly enough that the developers had to catch up to the community, so now it’s basically a fitness version of Facebook and only loosely tied to it’s gaming origins. It’s still a good, fun way to track your workouts and we enjoy using it.

I’ll drop a couple of links for you here to our Fitocracy profiles in case you want to get on there and take a look around a bit.
Jenny’s Fitocracy Profile and Jason’s Fitocracy Profile

And here we are with our results from last night.

Jenny: -0.4
Jason: -0.6

I’ve been kicking butt at the gym this week, setting a new personal record for completing a 5K on the treadmill and a new time/distance record for cycling, and then doing the first day of Get Swole yesterday (my arms were killing me). I didn’t know what to expect, not because I thought I’d done bad or anything, but because when you introduce new exercise into your routine you never know how your body is going to react. Muscle growth adds weight that may counter-balance your fat loss when it comes time to step on the scale, and your body is going to retain fluids while it tries to repair itself from the damage of your workout.

I knew that regardless of what the number of the scale was this week, I did an amazing job with my exercise and that’s more than enough success for me no matter what the scale showed!

Jenny was in a similar mindset. She even kicked up her speed during her Wednesday morning walk and got some high intensity time in there! After we weighed, Jenny was discouraged at the small loss when she had put in so much effort during the week. But, just like going off plan and eating crappy food for a week might not come back to bite you in the butt on the scale that same week, the results of exercise don’t always show up right away either. Especially when you’ve just started exercising and your body is still trying to figure out whether it’s supposed to go into survival mode and hold onto its energy reserves or if this is just something new.

Her discouragement carried over a bit this morning, and when the alarms went off she told me she was going to stay home and get some more sleep (which would mean we’d have to go this afternoon per our agreement). But instead:

And why did she do that? Because she’s amazing!


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