Unintended Holiday Blogging Hiatus

It’s been a few weeks since the last time we posted here, which we didn’t intend to do. We usually take a holiday break from the blog as well, but this year we didn’t plan on doing that. I don’t really have a topic to discuss this week because it’s been a crazy week for both of us and we haven’t had time to sit down and really think about what we’re going to write about.

Let’s start it off here by getting caught up with what results from the hiatus weeks:

The week before Christmas was when all of the holiday parties were going on with coworkers and friends, followed by the craziness before the holiday itself, and very few opportunities to hit the gym. We weren’t especially “bad” but we weren’t all that great either, so we went into the meeting expecting small gains or to maybe stay the same.
December 19th
Jenny: -0.0 lbs
Jason: +4.0 lbs

I wasn’t expecting 4 lbs worth of gain. I was thinking I might gain 1 – 1.5 lbs.

The week of Christmas was actually better than we thought it would be. I did more snacking during the family get togethers than I intended to, so I figured I’d probably have another 1 – 1.5 lbs gained and Jenny figured she would have a small gain as well.
December 26th
Jenny: +3.8 lbs
Jason: +0.2 lbs

This time it was Jenny’s turn to be shocked. She had some other issues going on that would have contributed to that gain as well, so she knew not to worry too much about getting that weight back off.

And then we have last night. Because I had just gotten back to my routine at the gym this week, I figured I’d end up with another small gain and then next week I’d really make a comeback with a good loss. Jenny thought she had done pretty good and wasn’t quite sure what to expect on the scale, but she thought she had probably earned a loss of some kind.
January 2nd
Jenny: -2.2 lbs
Jason: -3.2 lbs

So I’ve lost all but 1 lbs worth of my holiday weight in the first weigh-in of the new year, and Jenny lost over half of her’s. We didn’t have huge losses, and right now we’re losing at a good enough rate, on average, that we’ll both be completely over the holiday gains by next week.

Right now Jenny’s average loss since May of last year, which is when we got back on track with Weight Watchers after the Great Kitchen Debacle of 2012, is sitting at -1.2 lbs per week and she’s lost of total of 36 lbs during that time. My average for the same period is -1.3 lbs per week, with a total loss of 39 lbs. Roughly seven months after getting back on track, we’ve lost 75 lbs together.

New Plan (Sort of): Simple Start
The new thing with Weight Watchers this year is something they’re calling Simple Start, which is basically the Simply Filling option that we’ve had since they switched to the PointsPlus system. The only differences that we’ve seen so far is that they’re asking you to do it for two weeks at a time to start with and then decide after you’ve tried it whether you want to go back to counting points every day, stick with Simply Filling, or combine the two. The other change is that they’re now giving you some more tools for building Simply Filling-style meals by giving you a multiple-choice format to build your own meals from their pre-selected options, or to give you ideas for building your own meals using the same principles.

We started Simple Start on Thursday since that’s our weigh-in day, and our plan for right now is to go ahead and stick with it for the first two weeks of the year as they’ve asked and then go from there. So far, I think I like it. I’ve only been doing it for two days though, so we’ll have to see how I feel after the two weeks.


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