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Sometimes life happens.

This last week was one of those weeks. Things got out of whack early and there was so much going on that it just stayed that way all week long. We did some grocery shopping with only half a meal plan, Jenny got sick, being short on time and energy meant we went out to eat instead of cooking things at home, and everything just snowballed from there.

In short, we weren’t on plan at all during this last week. We didn’t do Simple Start, Simply Filling, or PointsPlus, we just threw it all out the window and did whatever came to mind when meal times came around.

We were both positive that we were going to have a gain last night, and since the temperature had just dropped yesterday and the snow started and everything we were primed with a great little excuse to not bother showing up to the meeting at all. People were talking about the roads being slick on their way back from lunch, so we had a great little fake reason for not going and we were planning to use it, too.

But as we left work and headed towards the house with every intention of climbing onto the couch with blankets, hot chocolate and puppy snuggles for a night of television, we saw that the roads weren’t slick at all. It was 15 degrees outside so it was definitely cold, but not something we couldn’t deal with. I started getting the urge to go and face it all, and Jenny was mostly with me (puppy snuggles and hot chocolate are her weakness after all). So we made a bit of a compromise and decided that we would go ahead and weigh in, but then skip the meeting itself and head home early.

Jenny: +0.4 lbs
Jason: -0.6 lbs

Once we stepped on the scale, we were both surprised to see that Jenny had only gained 0.4 lbs, and even more shocked that I managed a loss. Happy with the results not being as disastrous as we had imagined they would be, we went ahead and stayed for the whole meeting after all.

Even though we didn’t stick to any kind of plan at all during this week, you can’t help but recognize the influence that Weight Watchers has when you treat it as the lifestyle change that it’s meant to be. Even when we’re not following all the rules, the things we’ve learned still stick with us. When we went out to eat all those times, we weren’t counting points at all. But, we were making decisions of what to eat based on knowledge that we gained from going to those meetings and being familiar with the plan. The foods we ate while we were out certainly weren’t the best for us, but we still made educated choices that helped us out in the long run.

We’ve developed habits from being on Weight Watchers that help us make good(ish) choices, even when we’re being bad. There were only two meals during the week where I would say that we really ate things that we shouldn’t have. I started to share them with you, but I’d rather not toss a temptation out there for anyone that might be struggling while they read this, so we’ll just leave it at that. Overall, I’m more concerned about the amount of money we threw away by eating out for all those meals than I am with what I actually ate.

We’re going to do our best to get everything back on track this week. We don’t have a meal plan put together yet, so we’re going to have to go out to eat again for lunch today, but hopefully I’ll have the time and opportunity today to put a plan together and keep us on track. Jenny’s been doing a fantastic job with the meal planning for the last several months, but she’s getting a little burned out from doing it all so I need to step up and take over for a while. I’ve failed at the meal planning before, but I’m going to do my best to stay on top of it this time.

As always, we’ll be back next week to let you know how it turned out.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jessica
    May 14, 2014 @ 12:54:03

    I found your blog about a week ago while searching for more info about doing WW as a couple. I got hooked and read through ALL of it in that time, oldest post through this one. How are you guys doing?! Have you kept up the loss? I’m so eager to hear more!


    • Psynister
      May 15, 2014 @ 08:55:31

      Thanks for checking in on us, Jessica, and for the lovely comment. 🙂

      Right now we’re in another lull, actually. For the last seven months our employer has been playing around with the idea that they might transfer us to a new location, so we’ve been making plans for that and doing work on the house to get it ready to sell when the time comes. But, every time we get close to a “we might be moving” point, something happens and it either gets delayed or something new has to be approved, or whatever other thing comes up and knocks it all down.

      We’ve been taking turns being sick or getting injured, too.That always seems to get us off plan as well, since the person that’s down is wanted something “special” food-wise pretty often. So a little indulgence here and there leads to going off plan. We’re strong when we’re both in it together, but when when one of us isn’t feeling it we generally pull the other one down with us. It’s a crappy habit that we really need to break.

      So this year has been pretty bad as far as weight loss is concerned. I think we’ve both gained about 15 lbs back this year. We’ve been mostly off plan all year long, but we keep trying every few weeks to get back on and then something else comes up that either pulls us away from being able to go to the meetings (work, mostly) or something else happens that pulls us off plan.

      We went to get back on plan last week and got things ready for that, and then on Monday morning I threw my back out of alignment at the gym and got a bulging disk for my efforts. And next week I’m going to be in Las Vegas most of the week for a work conference, so there will be about two weeks there where we won’t likely be on plan much at all. We’ll see how it goes, but I imagine we’re probably going to come up with excuses for the next two weeks that result in even more gains, and then we’ll try to get back on track the following week.


  2. Alexis
    Aug 13, 2014 @ 17:48:49

    How’s it been going since that last comment?


  3. Psynister
    Aug 13, 2014 @ 18:34:50

    More of the same, mostly. However, the plan is to get back on track tomorrow and we’ll have the update post probably sometime on Friday.


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