Waking Up After Hibernation

Interestingly, the blog has been inactive for longer than I had thought (Sept 2014? Really!?). So, I guess we have all kinds of catching up to do!

At the end of 2014, we accepted a transfer to be relocated from the Texas panhandle toward the middle of the state, ending up in Waxahachie (pronounced like “woks” not “wax”) which is about 30’ish miles south of Dallas. We continued our Weight Watchers membership here for that first year, while we were living in an apartment, and we had some mixed results with the changes that they had made to the new plan. Some things we liked, and some we didn’t, and overall we ended the year mostly disappointed.

We moved here primarily so that Jenny could take over for another person in her department that was getting ready to retire, and also to take on a new set of responsibilities so that she could put more of her talents and experience to use so that she wasn’t continuing to be underutilized. When we got here, we found out that the position they had in mind for her wasn’t at all what we were expecting, the situation was really a big mess, and the new challenges that she was looking forward to she never had any time to do, and they wanted her focused on the same old things. Add to that the fact that the oilfield really sucked at the time so they were cutting back on expenses, and this job that was being handled by two people previously they wanted her to take on by herself. To make a long story short, life sucked after this job change. With the oilfield being one of the primary industries in Pampa, it also took us eight months to sell the house, so paying mortgage on that along with the rent in the apartment for a year certainly contributed to the stress levels. After a few months of the new job we decided that my paycheck would suffice and the added stress that she was dealing with at work certainly wasn’t worth the money, so we had her quit.

There’s more to that story, but I’ll let her tell it at a later date if she feels up to it. You can read about her personal feelings about that situation on her other blog, in Cracked, and her subsequent post about how she felt a year later, A Year in Review.

Relocating to Waxahachie itself was a great move for us. It got Jenny back into a larger city, which is where she really thrives, and I’m happy in pretty much any surrounding, so seeing her happy made me happy, and I personally enjoy Waxahachie quite a bit myself so it was good all around. We moved here in January 2015 and stayed in the apartment until December 2015, at which point we bought a house. Moving into the house made things in Waxahachie even better. We both love the house, and its location. But of course, new house meant new monthly payments, and for a couple of months it meant paying for the apartment as well as the house itself. We had put up with doubled living expenses for 8 months with the housing market being so bad in Pampa, so we knew what that part was going to be like, but thankfully we knew before hand that it would only be two months’ worth this time around which was far less stressful. (Jenny reminded me we didn’t have to double-pay during this time, it worked out perfectly).

However, those increased expenses combined with the reduced income of Jenny no longer having a job, meant that we needed to cut back on some expenses, and the first thing to go was Weight Watchers. Since the last couple of years worth of changes to how WW works hadn’t done us a whole lot of good in the weight loss department compared to how things were previously, we didn’t mind getting rid of it. We had learned how to change our lifestyle and our habits, and how to control our eating enough that we were comfortable going it alone at least for a few months until things calmed back down on the monetary front. We closed on the house on December 28, 2015 and moved in two days later.

Then along came 2016. Or as we like to call it, the Year of Thousand Stresses.

There were a lot of great things from 2016, and as a whole I can’t honestly complain about it too much. However, it was a year in which we had constant health scares and/or deaths come up on both sides of the family or friends. The oilfield still sucked, and I was still working for the same company only I was doing so from home rather than in the office. There were a lot of projects for me at work last year with important deadlines, we had gone through several layoffs as well as closing some facilities down completely, and every time things started to calm down at work someone got sick, someone died, someone got injured, or someone got sick/injured and death was a real possibility. As soon as the health scare cleared up, here came a brand new deadline for work. And since we were in a brand new place, that of course meant that we had to make new friends which carries some stress of its own. But as if everything else wasn’t bad enough, every time we started to develop a close relationship with another couple, they moved. We just couldn’t get ahead for nothing. We were loving the house and loving the move, but pretty much everything else sucked.

The result of that, as far as the Chubby Couple is concerned, as that we gained weight. We knew it was happening, but so much energy was going into other things that we just didn’t have the energy to do anything about it, or to really care all that much to begin with. I mean, sure we cared, but we had too many other things to worry about. Things finally started to calm down for us a bit around November 2016. Not everything, but enough that we were finally started to feel like we were back in control again. But, we decided that with the year being as bad as it was so far, we’d put the weight loss goals on hold until the new year. We didn’t want to voluntarily introduce another stress to the mix, we were going to enjoy our holidays and the weeks surrounding them.

So here we are in 2017, ready to get back on track. Things are looking up for the oilfield, we’re still loving our house and being able to have people come over and enjoy it with us, and (insert every positive superstitious thing you can think of) almost everyone’s health has stabilized for the time being. I don’t know for sure how active the blog is going to get this year in regards to our weight loss. We’re going to give it a go this year with MyFitnessPal.com (MFP: Psynister). Weight Watchers is essentially a simplified version of counting your calories with the use a points system rather than the raw numbers, so it’s basically doing the same thing except that our support group is online and each other rather than a room full of people.

No promises on when the next post will be, but there’s a little summary of what’s happened since that last post a long time ago, in a city far, far away.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Alas
    Jan 06, 2017 @ 23:19:27

    I was seriously just thinking about this blog – and you two – the other day, and wondering when the last time had been that I’d heard anything. I feel like I may have super powers, because boom. Here you are.

    I’ve taken a few to catch up a bit and (*cough* /subscribed to Jenny’s blog because how did I not know that existed?) man. I wish we could just hang out. Possibly over another amazing breakfast because I still have dreams of that one breakfast, you know?

    Anyhow. Glad to hear that you’re settled and things are improving! As to getting back on track with the weight loss journey, I wish you the best of luck! I started down that road again myself about a month ago, and ugh. I mean, hooray, but also ugh. Hope to hear from you again soon!


    • fynralyl
      Jan 07, 2017 @ 20:03:31

      We’ve missed you! I’m not terribly surprised you didn’t know about the other blog. I post very infrequently there and it’s mostly where the writing and gaming stuff goes. Real life spilled over onto it because it was mildly writing related and this blog was um… hibernating, I think Jason called it?

      We totally need to hang out! I’m not sure when we’ll be in your neck of the woods next. Now that’s we’ve moved away from our built in puppy-sitters, it’s difficult for us to go far because of Sophie’s anxiety. She would required specialized boarding. However, if you ever find cause to be in the Dallas area (even if just seeing us is the cause!) I’m told we have a fairly comfortable guest bed and we love having friends come to stay. ❤

      Overall, things are going really well. 2015 was by far the worst year I've had. In fact, while the rest of the world has been disparaging 2016, by comparison, mine was downright rosy. I spent a lot of time healing and learning to be positive and happy more often than not. 2017 gets to be the year I'm healed enough to improve, so here's to that! (But also, ugh…)


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