About Jason

For some reason I find writing the About Me post for this blog a lot harder than for my others. When blogging about World of Warcraft, I can talk about what I do in the game, how I like to play, and so on, but it’s different here. What do you say about yourself when you’ve got a blog about losing weight? Hmm, that’s the question…

I guess I talk about me and my weight? I was born a New Years Eve baby, a chubby little sucker with a smile on his face. My parents called be Buddha because I was cute and chubby, and because it took me a while to actually grow some hair. I was born fat, and I’ve been that way all my life. When I hit my growth spurts during my teen years I didn’t look fat because I was growing so much, but I always weighed more than I should have.

I’ve tried diets before, but the only thing that ever worked for me at all was Weight Watchers, and of the two choices that Jenny was given at her last doctor’s visit, Weight Watchers was the one that appealed to us the most.

In our journey to lose weight, eating shouldn’t be a problem. While I love to eat, and I love to eat a lot, I can control that hunger when I need to. The problem I see for me is going to be exercise. I injured my left knee in high school, and while I can still use it just fine, any amount of high impact has the chance of causing it to explode in agonizing pain. When it goes out, the pain is just like it was when it happened the first time and it takes about an hour before I can even use it again. That doesn’t mean I can’t do other exercises, of course, it just limits me a bit in what I can do.

Being overweight also has it’s own drawbacks for exercising and it’s easy to get out of breath and you typically tire pretty easily as well. There’s a more serious problem lying there because I also have Epilepsy, and my trigger is not being able to breath; so if I can’t breath then I have seizures. I haven’t had any cases of exercise leading to seizure yet, but it’s still a possibility. The lesson to be learned from the potential for danger though, is to always know your limits and realize when you’ve had enough and when you’re about to have too much.

For right now I’m doing my part in this chubby couple to prevent health problems that are, or may develop in my future, and to support my wife so that she can move forward comfortably knowing that she won’t have to travel this road alone.


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