This blog is intended to chronicle our journey through many aspects of regaining our health. If you’d like to share recipes, need some support, or just want to offer encouragement, please feel free to do so. But most of all, be patient with us. We’re not perfect and our journey certainly won’t be either. We’re just a chubby couple making changes.


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  1. Naeva
    Oct 06, 2010 @ 15:22:59

    As a fellow chubby person, I commend you both on doing this for yourself. I just read your blog, as it was teased by Cynwise.

    I started at 283 pounds, in the same situation as you. My husband and I decided to lose weight. It’s been a little over a year, and I’m down fourty-three pounds. Yes, I could do it faster, but I’ve found that my method is working very well, and even when I don’t monitor it myself, I’m losing weight. My husband too, has lost over fifty pounds.

    Basically all we did was start working out and counting calories. I use a free app on my iphone called “Lose It.” We have a treadmil that we use, and a bike, but soon my husband was pushing me to go outside, and try P90X. It’s a mix of things, but it really does work.

    I know you two have already heard all the advice you can take, and as I haven’t yet hit my goal weight, I suppose I can’t say too much, but I wish you the best of luck, and I’ll be watching and hoping you do well.


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