I’d Say It Works…

Three weeks ago, the day right after Christmas, Jason and I got right back to work losing weight. As you know, because he’s been writing the last few blog posts, Jason’s been kicking my butt on weekly loss since then. This isn’t to say I haven’t been losing a decent amount of weight. He’s just been losing so much more!

  • Jason -0.8; -86.6 total; -8.2 since Christmas
  • Jenny -2.6; -62 total; -7.8 since Christmas

As you can see, Jason didn’t lose as much this week, but he’s still kicking my butt! In fact, when you average out the last three weeks, Jason has a -2.7 average to my -2.6. And I’m not complaining. Before the holidays, my weekly average had settled in around -1.4. It wasn’t bad. It was consistent and I was working hard to get back to where I had been two years ago.

What’s significant this time around? Simple Start. The first week getting back to healthy eating, a decent loss is kind of expected. For the last two out of three weeks, though, we’ve been doing the new Simple Start introduction to Weight Watchers that Jason has already talked about.

So, I’m going to talk about what happens after your two week Simple Start.

After the two weeks, you basically have a choice to make. You can:

  • Continue with a similar program by doing Simply Filling, which includes more food choices than Simple Start (basically anything that is a Power Food, designated in their literature and apps with a green triangle)
  • You can switch to tracking, which doesn’t limit what kinds of food you eat, but you have to weigh/measure and track everything (which Weight Watchers can teach you about)
  • Get the best of both worlds by doing a combination! This is what we’re going to do, so it’s what I’m going to talk about most.

Back in the day when Jason and I first joined Weight Watchers, they had the Points program (tracking) and something called Core (eat specific foods until satisfied). The trick was, while you could change from one to the other, they wanted you to do so one full week at a time. Not the case anymore. The current versions of these programs are Points Plus and Simply Filling. The awesome part is that you can switch between these day to day during the same week!

Something that Jason and I noticed is that while we did really well five days out of seven, two days each week, we were just so done with the limited food list. I needed real cheese & sugar and we went off plan. Not terrible, but enough that I wonder if we might have done even better than the over 5 lbs we each lost during the two weeks of Simple Start. I need to get back in control. I need to get back to solid meal planning that we can stick with.

So this week? My meal plan is going to include mostly Simply Filling meals, because it really has helped us get off to a great start this year! Instead of getting tired of my meal plan, though, we’re also going to plan at least two days where we’ll switch to tracking, so that we can work in some meals that, while not unhealthy, don’t work as well for Simply Filling, to keep things fresh and interesting. This way, I still get to enjoy the things that Simply Filling doesn’t like, but I get to be in control, instead of feeling like I “broke my diet” by eating forbidden foods.

This is why Weight Watchers works. It gives you the flexibility you need to find a way that is sustainable so that it can become a lifestyle NOT a diet. It’s about finding what works for you over the long haul, not just to get to goal. In my life, I need to eat mainly healthy foods. But life happens and I need to know how to handle it by tracking when needed in order to make the plan work around my life, so I don’t get frustrated and go completely off-plan.

So what do I think about Simple Start? It works! We lost weight! But I am so glad that Weight Watchers isn’t only Simple Start. I’m glad they have a plan I can adjust to fit my life.


East Meets (South)West

Today I wanted to share a little recipe (sort of) for a meal that we came up with last night and then made for lunch today. The end result was basically a lettuce-wrapped burrito, but the idea came from lettuce cups. So we took the eastern lettuce wrap and combined it with the south western taco/burrito and it turned out pretty well.

Simple Start
I talked about Simple Start just a little bit last week, and we’ll probably get into it in more detail when we actually have the time to write it all out instead of just doing the quick posts that we’ve had to lately out of necessity/time constraints. Basically, Simple Start lets you stop tracking your points in exchange for making you eat from a “small” (quotes because it’s actually fairly large) list of foods that are healthier for you and take your body longer to process which means you’ll feel fuller for a longer period of time. You eat as much as you need to, so you stop when your body signals to you that you’re satisfied, so you don’t have to weigh and measure what you’re eating.

One of the things that’s good about Simple Start is that it allows the majority of the proteins that you would normally eat anyway, except that some of them have certain restrictions such as ground beef needing to be at least 95% lean or else you do have to count points for it. The drawback is, the things that aren’t part of Simple Start (aka. Simply Filling) are often things that you need to create certain meals that you might be used to. For example, let’s say you’ve got ground beef, shredded cheese, sour cream, salsa, assorted vegetables, 45-calorie bread and tortillas at home and you need to figure out what you’re going to cook for your next meal. The first thing I would think of in that situation, which is the situation we were in last night, is burritos. While we can have burritos on Weight Watchers while we’re using the PointsPlus method, tortillas are not allowed in Simple Start unless you want to spend your weekly points on them (49 points for the whole week).

The “Recipe”
While we were driving back home from Amarillo last night we were talking about what to do for lunch today with the things we already had available at the house. The two things that kept coming to mind when we were thinking about what to do with the ground beef was sloppy joes and tacos/burritos. Neither of those things can be done on Simple Start because sloppy joe sauce does not count as a Power Food (those are what you’re required to eat for Simple Start, I can give details or examples if anybody needs them), and neither do tortillas or taco shells. That doesn’t mean we can’t eat them anyway, it just means we’d have to spend our weekly points on the things that aren’t allowed.

So we started to come up with alternatives that would allow us to eat the meals that we wanted by making simple changes. We didn’t have any other type of sauce that would work as a substitute, so the sloppy joes were out. For the tacos/burritos though we were thinking about some of our options. Since shells or tortillas were the thing we needed to get rid of, I knew we needed some kind of base that provided the structure you needed and/or a simple flavor that did not contrast with the fillings but did add bulk to the meal so that you got full without having to eat a lot of extra protein.

Rice was my first thought, which would work well but completely lose the taco/burrito concept since you’d just be eating it all with a fork. The next few ideas all fell into the same trap as they were similar things like couscous. But then I remembered an appetizer we ate at a Mongolian grill a couple of weeks ago (not for the first time) which was lettuce wraps. We could use the green leaf or romano lettuce in place of a tortilla or shell, but otherwise treat the meal as though we were eating tacos or burritos.

I went for the big leaves of lettuce first, so I started out with something like this:

Then I rolled it all up like a burrito and ate it like this (though I did wrap all those lose ends of the lettuce better when I had access to both of my hands after setting the phone down):

I had intended to use the lettuce in a burrito fashion to begin with, so I was surprised when Jenny mentioned that this was the new way to have Taco Tuesday, and I looked over to see her eating hers like a taco instead. So I grabbed a couple of the smaller leaves of lettuce and made myself a couple of mini-tacos too.

Overall we both think this was a great success. It allows us to eat the flavors that we want in the way that we want without consuming the extra points for the filler. If we were really craving the flavor of the taco shell or tortillas then we could certainly go ahead and use them, but we don’t need to. The lettuce provides the crunch that you’re used to having, and it serves well as a vessel to get the food from your plate to your mouth. Unless we’re feeling those cravings in the future, I’m pretty sure this is going to be the preferred method of doing tacos and burritos at our home from now on.

As far as recipes go, it doesn’t get a whole lot simpler than this:
95% (or better) Ground Beef, as much as you’ll need to feel satisfied (we used 3/4 lbs)
Fat-Free Cheese, if you’re not doing Simple Start use whatever cheese you want (we each had probably 1/3 cup)
Desired Condiments, we only used salsa but could have added Fat-Free Sour Cream or similar products
Green Leaf Lettuce, or any other green that’s sturdy enough to support everything else
Taco Seasoning
Water, for the taco seasoning as needed (seasoning packet will tell you how much)

1. Brown your meat in a skillet on high
2. (Optional) Remove excess fat/moisture from the skillet using paper towels
3. Add taco seasoning and water
4. Bring the beef, seasoning & water to a boil then reduce heat and let simmer per your taco seasoning’s instructions
5. Take your individual leaves of lettuce and add meat, cheese, and other toppings as desired and either roll into burrito shape, or fold into taco shape
6. Eat until you’re satisfied
6a. Insert into mouth
6b. Chew
6c. Swallow
6d. Repeat step 6
7. Leave us a comment and tell us how fantastic it was

That’s all there is to it!

Squats Are Evil


Wanting some more competitive scores on Fitocracy (points are skewed very heavily towards weight training vs cardio), Jason picked up a couple of weight sets at the store. Mine is a 3, 5, 8lb set and we got to work Saturday morning. If you’d like to see the details of my first strength workout, you can click here. I basically did up to 10 reps each of squats (10, 6, 6), bicep curls, tricep extensions, shoulder presses, one-arm rows in each of the three weights.

It felt good and I was confident in what I accomplished, so I told him we should do another workout. But not just another workout, we should do MOAR! We shouldn’t just step up the weight, but add two more sets of each to step back down. That workout is detailed here. I rocked it for a newb!

Until I woke up the next morning.

You see, the most recent experience I had had with squats was freshman P.E. in high school. I remembered nothing about pain. Of course, I also hadn’t done 72 weighted squats in one day in my life ever before that either. I died. My legs wouldn’t work. The most frustrating and disconcerting thing was that not only did it hurt to walk, but my legs kept trying to go out from underneath me. My thigh muscles were revolting to such a degree that they just refused to help my knees go the right direction. I hated feeling like I had traded one successful day for what would end up being four days of hardly being able to function.

I drank water, I stretched, I rested my legs and worked my arms, I whimpered and hobbled a lot.

I knew I was retaining water while I healed, so I was starting to get worried about this week’s weigh-in,  especially since I knew it had also impacted the amount of cardio I had just gotten used to doing. I just put my head down, focused on healing and getting in the activity I could do (dumbbells work on arms/shoulders).

Turns out I didn’t need to worry.

  • Jenny -1.8 (-54.8 total)
  • Jason -1.2 (-78 total)

I have exactly 10 more pounds to lose before I’m back to where I was before everything went haywire in our lives two years ago. It’s my goal to lose it by the end of the year. If I work hard, don’t get too caught up in the holidays and make sure I can focus, I feel like I can meet that goal.

I am happy to say that although I still think squats are evil, I haven’t sworn them off entirely. I’ve started working some body weight squats into my evening strength training (6 last night!) and my muscles have healed enough that I was able to complete my usual morning walk at pretty close to my normal pace. This is very good news, as I am starting to train to participate in a local Holiday 5K Fun Run/Walk (as a walker) to benefit Habitat for Humanity in three weeks. This means starting to get up earlier to increase my walk by 50% since I don’t have time to increase distance where my alarm is currently set to go off. But you know what? I can do this.

What goals do you have for the holiday season?

Getting Swole(n)

Friday has finally arrived (thank goodness!), so it’s time to share the results of our weigh in!

Before we get into that though, I wanted to take a minute to share what’s been going on this week. I usually put results up at the top and then give you the big wall of text afterwards, but this time I’m going to change it up a bit just for the sake of change. *gasp!*

Fitocracy & Getting Swole
Jenny and I decided to take advantage of the time change over the weekend by tricking our bodies with that free hour of sleep to wake up early and go to the gym. We missed one morning due to dogs being stupid-crazy in the middle of the night and waking us up three times, but we made it up that same evening right after work. So we’ve officially gone to the gym every day this week.

*pause for applause*

Jenny went back to her staple of walking around the track at the youth center, and I went with my usually “come up with something on the fly and do it”. For the first few days I went with my own plan, which was cardio for Mon/Wed/Fri and lifting on Tue/Thu. I’m not following any particular wisdom in doing that though, I just got an idea and decided to do it. Since I don’t want to fumble along without making any real progress, I decided to ask the community at Fitocracy.com for some ideas of workout routines that I could use.

I got some good tips on there, and I found a 16 week routine called “Get Swole” by Cory Gregory that I’m going to try my best to stick to. I’m not going to follow the diet portion, and I’m not going to invest in all the supplements, I’m just following the lifting. I won’t go into too much detail about the plan, because this post is about weight loss, not weight lifting. I’ll be happy to share some information if anyone is interested. The workouts are pretty tough, but they’re laid out well and give me some solid direction to follow in the gym so that I’m not standing around trying to figure out what lift I’m going to do next.

We’ve been tracking our progress on a site called Fitocracy. It’s a fitness site that was originally designed for gamers to track things in a fun and engaging way, but the site kind of took off and caught on quickly enough that the developers had to catch up to the community, so now it’s basically a fitness version of Facebook and only loosely tied to it’s gaming origins. It’s still a good, fun way to track your workouts and we enjoy using it.

I’ll drop a couple of links for you here to our Fitocracy profiles in case you want to get on there and take a look around a bit.
Jenny’s Fitocracy Profile and Jason’s Fitocracy Profile

And here we are with our results from last night.

Jenny: -0.4
Jason: -0.6

I’ve been kicking butt at the gym this week, setting a new personal record for completing a 5K on the treadmill and a new time/distance record for cycling, and then doing the first day of Get Swole yesterday (my arms were killing me). I didn’t know what to expect, not because I thought I’d done bad or anything, but because when you introduce new exercise into your routine you never know how your body is going to react. Muscle growth adds weight that may counter-balance your fat loss when it comes time to step on the scale, and your body is going to retain fluids while it tries to repair itself from the damage of your workout.

I knew that regardless of what the number of the scale was this week, I did an amazing job with my exercise and that’s more than enough success for me no matter what the scale showed!

Jenny was in a similar mindset. She even kicked up her speed during her Wednesday morning walk and got some high intensity time in there! After we weighed, Jenny was discouraged at the small loss when she had put in so much effort during the week. But, just like going off plan and eating crappy food for a week might not come back to bite you in the butt on the scale that same week, the results of exercise don’t always show up right away either. Especially when you’ve just started exercising and your body is still trying to figure out whether it’s supposed to go into survival mode and hold onto its energy reserves or if this is just something new.

Her discouragement carried over a bit this morning, and when the alarms went off she told me she was going to stay home and get some more sleep (which would mean we’d have to go this afternoon per our agreement). But instead:

And why did she do that? Because she’s amazing!

Welcome to Château d’Plateau

As promised, I’ve taken over today’s blog post regardless of results since Jenny has been writing all of the posts for the last several weeks. And, as you’re about to see, it’s a good thing (for her) that I did:

Jenny: -0.2 lbs
Jason: -0.0 lbs

Jenny’s been kicking some consistent weight-loss booty here lately. She’s done a fantastic job, so before we go any further let’s pause for a second to give her a big hand:

Château d’Plateau
On August 29th I earned myself another 5 lb star for pushing past the 70 lb weight loss mark, and I was focusing in on reaching the milestone of 75 lbs. I was feeling pretty good about myself at the time and we pushed ahead. The following week, I guess I was feeling so good about things that I didn’t bother tracking anything that I ate that week. Not that I was eating like crazy or anything, I just wasn’t actually tracking. It’s an easy habit for me to fall into since my wife is also on Weight Watchers, has fewer points than me, and takes care of all of our meal planning. As long as I don’t do a whole lot of extra snacking then I can pretty safely skip tracking because I know she’s not going to go over her points which means I’ll stay within mine by default.

As you might expect though from not following the plan completely, the next week my weight stayed the same.

The following week I knew that I should have been tracking the whole time, so that’s what I did…for a few days. And then I stopped. Don’t ask me why, I’ve slept plenty of times since then and my memory sucks to begin with. It’s a pretty safe bet that I stopped for the same reasons though, that I don’t really need to track when Jenny’s taking care of things for us. That’s what I tell myself anyway.

Guess who stayed the same on the scale that week, too…

I did a fairly good job of tracking the next week. I missed a couple of days here and there, but for the most part I was tracking everything and my reward was a loss of 2 lbs. That brought my total weight loss up to 72.2 lbs and I was starting to get pretty excited about reaching that 75 lb goal. I had spent the last couple of weeks staying exactly the same on the scale, and I’d had enough of the boring views from the windows of Château d’Plateau and found myself a loss.

The following week (September 26) I scored another 1 lb loss, bringing my total loss to 73.2 lbs, and my current weight down to 270.4 which put me right on the edge of two different milestones at the same time. I was now only 1.8 lbs away from 75 lbs lost, and only half of a pound away from being in the 260’s which I haven’t seen in about thirteen years.

[sarcasm]Oh, how I missed you, Château d’Plateau![end sarcasm]

From there I went back to not tracking for a week. Why would I do such a thing when I know from experience that it doesn’t work? Because I’m a dork, apparently. Sure enough, history repeated itself and my weight stayed the same. I knew that I was close to those goals, and I wasn’t going to let a stupid thing like not tracking slow me down again, so not only did I track every day the following week, I also started going back to the gym and taking the dogs for walks, runs, and play times at the park.

Surely exercise would get me off the plateau, right?

Not this time. After a week of tracking and exercise, my weight stayed the same again. Somewhat discouraged by that result after a week of going to exercise, I continued on with the same plan of tracking and exercise. The exercise I did just fine, but the tracking only lasted for half of the week.

October 10: My weight stayed the same, yet again.

The following week was last week, and things got a little crazy. I wasn’t tracking again for who-knows-why, and then on Wednesday I got a call from our explosives facility saying that the database was filled with duplicated data and they needed me down there right away to fix it. I was already planning to go there this week, but they needed me early so I bought a plane ticket and flew down to Dallas that night. I missed the weigh in last week because of travel and work. I stayed there over the weekend so that I could monitor the database and respond to anything that happened during that time.

Even though I’ve been traveling to this site regularly for almost six years now, I recently changed which town I stay in while I’m there and I’m not as familiar with the restaurants in the area. I got recommendations for where to eat from some of the employees in the area and stuck to those for the most part. The bad news is, none of the places that I ate at are in the Weight Watchers database, so I’d have to make guesses (educated though they might be) which I hate doing. The good news is, I wasn’t there to indulge or to binge, so I made good decisions. Sure, I ate some pizza, but we’re talking a 12″ wood-fired pizza that I ate half of and saved the other half for another meal and I’ve got enough points to eat a large pan-pizza from Pizza Hut by myself, so I’m not worried about a little one.

I was planning on working out while I was there, but I was working about 12 hours every day didn’t feel like working out once I was there. I tracked down the local Weight Watchers meetings intending to go weigh-in, but times just didn’t line up the first few days and after I made the decision not to exercise during the eight-day business trip, I decided I’d just put off the weigh-in until I got back home.

I got home on Wednesday night, so last night of course was our normal weigh-in night. We had an interview with local church leaders to go to, so we agreed that if I did reach my 75 lbs lost mark last night we would stay for the rest of the meeting, but if not we’d just head to Amarillo (~60 miles) for the interview early. As you saw at the top of the post though, I’m on my fifth week in a row staying once again in Château d’Plateau.

Dealing With Plateaus
This certainly isn’t the first time I’ve been on a plateau, or even the first time I’ve blogged about it. I first brought it up in January 2011, again in May 2011, and then again April 2012. My plateau’s aren’t the worst, they usually last a few weeks for me. I work with a guy that was on a plateau for over three months.

Plateaus suck.

Personally, I’d rather see a gain than see that I stayed the same. Every once in a while, sure I can handle staying the same. But for five weeks in a row? No. Screw that, I’d rather have a gain and know that I’m failing than to stall out at 0.0 lbs. I spent three weeks going to the gym every day, and I still stayed the same. Then I spent eight days out of town, eating out for every meal at places I had no clue about in regards to nutrition without doing any exercise at all, and I still stayed the same. It’s incredibly frustrating to see the same number on the scale regardless of how strictly or how loosely I followed the plan.

The specifics of overcoming a plateau can change from one person to the next. What works for me might not work for you, and what works for each of us might not work for the next person. However, the general key to breaking a plateau is that something has to change. There’s usually one or two things that are responsible for your lack of progress. It’s usually something fairly simple, like you need to change up how you’re exercising, you need to start tracking because you haven’t been, or you need to reevaluate your tracking to make sure you haven’t miscalculated one of your favorite snacks/meals or that you haven’t been tracking something that you thought was “free” when in fact it wasn’t.

According to some of the exercise-related resources that I read online, one way to break a plateau in regards to exercising is to start doing things backwards. For example, if you’re used to exercising on an elliptical machine, then try using the same machine but instead of moving your feet forward, try moving them backward. The machine works exactly the same regardless of which direction you push the pedals, but changing it up like that engages different muscles or engages the same muscles but in a different way.

In regards to food, if you find that you often eat the same meals at least once every week then chances are you’ve become a little bit relaxed in your measuring because you’ve gotten so used to seeing the right portions that you think you know what those portions “look” like without measuring them. If you’ve gotten into those habits then you’re really gambling with your weight loss. Most of the time you find that people who stop measuring because they’re used to seeing the right portion end up eating more Points than they thought they were, while people who aren’t measuring but are trying something new have a tendency to under-measure so that they aren’t eating as many Points as they thought they were.

I’m going to read over those old posts of mine myself after publishing this one, and see if maybe I forgot something else that I should try. I’m not about to give up on this weight loss journey, regardless of how frustrating this plateau is. I need to change some things up, and I need to really get my butt back on plan completely instead of playing this half-n-half game that clearly doesn’t work.

The picture above is what was waiting for me in the break room this morning when I went to go fill up my water bottle. Four dozen donuts just sitting there whispering, “We know how you feel, buddy. Come here and let us give you a hug!”

Not today, donuts. Not today.

Weightloss Super Heroes

I’ve never thought of myself as a Weightloss Super Hero.

A recent experience has me thinking a lot about what it takes to be a super hero. Whenever I think of Weightloss Super Heroes I know, I think of my sister, who is rocking it over in the Fitocracy community, my twitter friend Chelsea who is a crossfit superstar (the girl is a beast, seriously) and my friend B.J. over at Geek Fitness. Each one of them would tell you that they’re still a work in progress (with fitness, isn’t everybody?) but they are leaps and bounds ahead of where I am and they are constant sources of awe and inspiration.

Ok, so this is where I bust out my nerd card. I really started thinking about super heroes as I tried to get to sleep last night. Most of the comic book super heroes (with the notable exceptions of the Tony Starks and Bruce Waynes, who start as billionaires with unlimited resources) start as average, everyday Joes (and Janes) who discover that they have a super power, mutation or fantastic alien genetics. They learn what they can do, try to harness it through trial and error and eventually find a way to help other people with their newfound power.

Like I said, I’ve never thought of myself as a Weightloss Super Hero. I aspire to it. I think maybe I’ll be one in a couple more years, when I have a better handle on this whole health thing. But then a couple of weeks ago, Weight Watchers contacted me via twitter. They had been watching my tweets (blog shares, food photos, meal planning, cheerleading stuff I do all the time) and loved what they saw. They asked for my address to send me a gift. I didn’t expect something as fun as this:

Maybe I had the beginnings of a super hero in me after all. I’ve thought a lot about this over the last couple of days. What did Weight Watchers see in me that I hadn’t seen in myself?

Three years ago, we started this blog as a way to chronicle our journey. We made it public, but I didn’t really think anyone would read it, much less find inspiration here. It was created as a place to be honest about every aspect of our journey, even if we weren’t proud of the results. It was a way to be publicly accountable in a way that just attending meetings and sharing with co-workers wouldn’t give us. Jason and I met online. So much of our identities and connections were here in the ether of the inter-webs. This is where we knew our friends were, where we knew some support could be found.

I never expected as much support as we’ve received. Even through our 18 months of false starts and kitchen remodels. Even through the back-sliding and weight gaining that resulted from it. Even more than the support, the feedback we’ve had on the blog has been incredible and uplifting. It happened again yesterday. Someone told me how much our blog inspired them.

It made me feel like a super hero.

Maybe that’s my Weightloss Super Power. This is an incredibly personal topic and journey. It is often embarrassing to share just how much work there is to do. It’s hard to share disappointment and regret. But I love to inspire. When I was a teenager, I loved being a cheerleader. There was a Freshman squad that didn’t do the tumbling that was required of the JV and Varsity squads. That suited me just fine, because I’ve never really loved athletics. What I did love was getting the crowd riled up and leading the spectators in cheers. I loved the contagious enthusiasm.

The funny thing is that even though the successes we have shared on this blog have been inspiring, I also learned that the honesty we’ve committed to here has also been inspiring. It isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Everyone struggles. If we only shared our successes, this blog would be pretty flat and one-sided. We’re real here. You know I’m Jenny and Jason is my husband and our journey has been far from perfect.

You know you’re not alone.

We don’t present perfection. No weightloss journey is perfect in it’s course. One slip-up or a million, doesn’t mean failure. It means you’re human. Maybe our Weightloss Super Power is Truth, even when it is embarrassing or makes us angry. We share it, and when we share it we find a way to be motivated or inspired by our shortcomings and share that inspiration with you.

Jason wasn’t happy about his weigh in results last night. While I lost 1.6 (making my current total 48.0) he stayed the same with a total of 73.2. He hadn’t tracked consistently this week and he’s so close to a significant milestone, he was really disappointed in the lack of progress.

But you know what he did? This morning, when the alarm was going off and his wife was mumbling about not wanting to get up, that we’d get going really well at the gym the next week, he got up. He is determined to have a loss next week and he knows that he needs to step up his activity to get there. Disappointed, he still got up, put on his gym clothes, tied on his shoes, and harnessed the dogs. He had time for a walk/run with the dogs and still made it back in time to fix our breakfast:

2013-09-28 09.54.35

He was my Super Hero this morning, and not just for the breakfast.

He inspires me.

And the Winner is…


Since she can’t type very well, I’m posting this week’s results on her behalf.

“Mama and Papa are totally starving me. I have to make sure I’m around when they put the food in my bowl or I won’t get anything to eat. One time, Mama started picking up my bowl WHILE I WAS STILL EATING! In a panic, I tried to cram as much in my mouth as possible. Of course I had to put it all down on the floor to eat it. I was very glad I gobbled it up fast enough that Sister didn’t steal it when she walked through the kitchen after finishing her own bowl (MUCH LARGER bowl, I’ll have you know). Mama gave my bowl back after Sister was safely locked away in the den. I don’t know why she made me panic for no reason, but I made sure I finished my bowl FAST, in case she took it away again.”

  • Jason -1.0
  • Jenny -1.8
  • Daisey -2.5


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