Solo… Again

I’m beginning to think he’s doing it on purpose.

Do you realize that Jason hasn’t blogged for a month and a half? His last post was 8-30. Usually, the person with the best weigh-in result in the one who writes that week’s results blog post. When we tied a few weeks back, he decided that I should be the one to blog. This week, I’m blogging by default because I’m the only one who weighed in. Jason is traveling on business and while he planned to find a local meeting last night, he ended up not leaving work until after 7pm, so it just didn’t happen. He might see if he can find a place to weigh in on Saturday, but I think the most likely scenario is that he’ll just skip this week and weigh in next week. I told him that he owes me. Regardless of weigh in results next week, it’s his turn to blog!

So, here is the result from my weigh in last night:

  • Jenny: -2.0 (-30.4 since back on plan, -50.8 overall)

I am, admittedly, still re-losing weight that I gained during our year and a half of false starts and excuses. Before we de-railed, I had earned my 10% keychain, 25lb medallion, stay and succeed medallion and my 50lb medallion. I was working hard towards my 75lb medallion, but hadn’t earned it yet. I’ve kept my keychain and medallions off to the side since basically losing all right to claim it with having gained back nearly 45lbs of what I had lost. When you re-gain weight, Weight Watchers doesn’t take back the recognition you had earned, because really, you did earn it. I just didn’t feel worthy of it any more.

Now, I can claim everything on my keychain.

2013-10-18 11.51.56

I’ve earned it, not once, but twice over. When you backslide as much as I did, it’s hard to admit failure and have the strength to move past it. It’s much easier to just feel like a failure and not try. Trust me, that attitude cost me about two years of progress on making my health better: the year and a half of ignoring it and a little over another half year catching up. It hasn’t been pretty, facing that reality, but I feel like I finally have the right attitude. I am proud of what I have accomplished since the beginning of the summer when we got back on plan. I’ve lost over 30lbs in 4-1/2 months! I’m hitting the healthy weight loss average right where all the doctors say you should be: 1-2 lbs/week (my average is 1.5). I’m losing at a better/steadier rate than during our first very successful year on Weight Watchers. Back then, I bounced between big losses and small gains. This year, it’s been a pretty steady, consistent rate of loss. It feels healthy, natural and right.

My next big milestone: Getting back to the weight I was before I let life distract me. I have exactly 14lbs to lose to get there. With my current average, I can do this by the end of the year. I’d really like to start 2014 without any of this hanging over my head (or around my hips). This time, I’m losing weight one realistic goal at a time.

For my gamer friends, let’s /dance to celebrate!